With You 2: The Greatest Love Recap: Episode 76

With You 2: The Greatest Love Recap: Episode 76

Episode 76: October 18, 2016

This week’s episode is heavily focused on Yoon Jung-soo and Kim Sook. They get almost twice as much screen time as Oh Na-mi and Heo Kyung-hwan, possibly because JTBC is getting ready to phase them out?


Yoon Jung-soo and Kim Sook


Yoon Jung-soo and Kim Sook meet up at a baby store where Yoon Jung-soo looks lovingly at a pair of baby shoes. I had no idea Yoon Jung-soo wanted kids, since he’s still pretty much a kid himself. On the other hand, Kim Sook doesn’t seem like the type to want them. She’s more career-oriented.

The two are at the store to buy a present for their friends’ daughter. Yoon Jung-soo is worried about what to buy because this couple is pretty picky. Also, he didn’t attend their wedding, so he needs to get something extra special to make up for it.


Kim Sook tells him that if he likes babies so much, he should just open up his own baby business because that’s more likely to happen than him having kids. Yoon Jung-soo thinks about it, but Kim Sook warns, “Don’t expect me to fund your business.”

After fooling around with some baby toys, they decide on a night light that turns out when you scream. It’s perfect for babies that wake up in the middle of the night.


The two then arrive at actress Kim Ga-yeon and retired StarCraft player Lim Yo-hwan’s house, but before she lets them in, Kim Ga-yeon orders Yoon Jung-soo to hand over his presents. Her personality is a little scary.

Kim Ga-yeon and Lim Yo-hwan have been making a lot of TV appearances these days. In the last couple of month, I’ve seen them on <Video Star,> <The Return of Superman,> and an EBS parenting  show. I bet it’s only a matter of time before they get a fixed appearance on a variety show.


Kim Ga-yeon tells Kim Sook, “You didn’t have to bring anything,” while prying the present from Kim Sook’s hands. LOL. It’s only after she gets her hands on the presents that Kim Ga-yeon lets the two into her home.

Their home is filled with baby furniture and toys. Kim Ga-yeon actually has an adult daughter from her first marriage, and she mentioned during<Video Star> that her first daughter feels like a friend since she had her so young, while the second daughter feels more like a granddaughter. FYI, Kim Ga-yeon is 44 years old.


Kim Ga-yeon opens the baby presents which are a pair of long underwear, a gold ring, a hat, and of course the night light. Kim Sook screams at the light, which scares the baby. The baby starts to scream too and unintentionally turns the night light on. I wish we got to see more of the baby, but that’s all the screen time she gets. She must have been napping for the majoring of the filming.

While Kim Ga-yeon goes to make lunch, Lim Yo-hwan, Kim Sook, and Yoon Jung-soo talk about freezing eggs and sperm. Yoon Jung-soo tells Kim Sook that they should check out a fertility hospital, and Kim Sook’s like, “Why me?” Yoon Jung-soo, “Well who else am I supposed to take?”


It’s time to eat, and Kim Ga-yeon gives her husband and Kim Sook gold spoons while the other two eat with silver spoons because gold is only for the breadwinners. She also makes sure that her husband gets the first bowl of rice. After a few more obsessive rules, the four finally get to eat. Kim Ga-yeon is a talented cook, and Kim Sook says she’s even better than Yoon Jung-soo. With that hit to his ego, Yoon Jung-soo counters that being that nit-picky is going to make them get sick because they’re too clean to build up their immune systems. Kim Ga-yeon yells at him not to talk with food in his mouth. Ha.


The four decide to play a round of Go-Stop (a Korean card game) to decide who’ll do the dishes. Both teams are feeling confident. Im Yo-hwan is a professional gamer while Kim Sook says to call her “Agui,” the Go-Stop player from the Korean movie <Tazza>, because she’s never lost at Go-Stop.

The Kim Ga-yeon & Im Yo-hwan couple win 17 to 10 points, so Yoon Jung-soo yells, “It’s best out of three.” The next round is “stupid” Go-Stop, where you can’t look at your own cards, and just have to win through luck.

Kim Sook and Yoon Jung-soo win round two, but Kim Ga-yeon & Im Yo-hwan trounce the other couple in round three. They win by such a large margin that Kim Sook refuses to believe that they won without cheating.


Next, they play another silly game. It’s picking up toothpicks with their foreheads. Kim Ga-yeon and Kim Sook fail to pick up any and are just left with red marks in their foreheads. Im Yo-hwan gets 18 toothpicks, and Yoon Jung-soo gets a whopping 102. He probably shouldn’t have tried so hard though because Yoon Jung-soo ends up with a few holes on his forehead. JTBC slaps on a “do not try this at home” warning caption.


While having some fruit and coffee, Kim Ga-yeon nags at Kim Sook and Yoon Jung-soo to hurry up and get married, so they can have kids. If they have a son, Kim Ga-yeon wants to be in-laws. Ha. She’d be the scariest mother in law ever.


Oh Na-mi and Heo Kyung-hwan


Meanwhile, Oh Na-mi and Heo Kyung-hwan go on a trip to Gongju, which is Oh Na-mi’s hometown. It’s a small city located in central Korea. They visit Oh Na-mi’s old elementary school, which is so small that there is only one class per grade. Unfortunately though, none of the teachers from her time are still there since she graduated so long ago.


Oh Na-mi brags about being pretty when she was a child, so the school principal offers to show them Oh Na-mi’s old school files. Hm…

According to her records, Oh Na-mi wanted to be a singer and was good at running. She got all A’s and B’s, although I’m not surprised because whenever TV shows do these back to school segments, there are never any “C” or “D” students. Just once, I want to see a show where the former teachers are like, “Yeah, he was a terrible student, I’m surprised he ended up being successful.”


They then attend a school assembly where the entire student body fits in a large classroom. The older students do a small recorder performance. Heo Kyung-hwan notes that they’ve prepared a lot for the cameras, but the principal says they didn’t prepare anything special, this is just what they do every day. Uh huh.

Oh Na-mi asks if anyone there wants to be a comedian when they grow up, and a few actually raise their hands. She tries to gives a “you can achieve your dream” speech, but most of the kids are too young to be able to sit still for a lecture, so Oh Na-mi quickly transitions to performing her comedic catch phrases.


Oh Na-mi and Heo Kyung-hwan also have some fun outside in the school playground. They race each other to see if Oh Na-mi is really good at running like her school records say. Heo Kyung-hwan gives her a 10 meter head start, and Oh Na-mi wins easily. One of the school children predicts that Oh Na-mi would win even without a head start. They race again, but this time with only a 3 meter advantage. Oh Na-mi wins again.

Heo Kyung-hwan is feeling a bit deflated over the loss, so he shows off by doing chin ups.


They spend the evening at a park. It’s a popular date spot among locals. Oh Na-mi is wearing a short sleeved dress, so she’s pretty cold. Heo Kyung-hwan starts to take off his jacket, and says, “Lets be cold together.” LOL. He’s just kidding around and eventually gives his jacket to Oh Na-mi to wear.


Oh Na-mi says she still hasn’t used her wish from the time she got a bull’s-eye at a shooting range a few episodes back, and shows him a photograph on her phone.

Heo Kyung-hwan guess she wants to wear couple tees. Nope. He guesses walking backwards? Shorts? Backside?

Oh Nami says her wish is to hold hands. Heo Kyung-hwan protests that they already did that during their honeymoon in Canada, but Oh Na-mi complains that was back when they were still awkward around each other.

Heo Kyung-hwan reachers for her hand and comments that her hands are cold. He’ll warm them up for her. Aw. Oh Na-mi says she felt like a real couple holding hands whereas back in Canada, it felt like he was doing as a punishment.

As they walk in the dark, the two reminisce about their past 10 months on the show.

Next time: It’s the last episode for Oh Na-mi and Heo Kyung-hwan, and a second chance for a new couple, Seo In-young and Crown J!





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