With You 2: The Greatest Love Recap: Episode 77

With You 2: The Greatest Love Recap: Episode 77

Episode 77: October 25, 2016


Yoon Jung-soo and Kim Sook

Yoon Jung-soo and Kim Sook are at the beach waiting for some people.

“Sook~~~.” It’s actress Sun Woo-sun. She’s here to make good on her promise to join the travelling club that they formed back in an episode that aired in August. Hong Seok-cheon said he knew someone who owned a small resort in Anmyeon Island in Taean County. It’s an area known for its mud flats which is perfect for some seasonal seafood.


Kim Sook, “Oppa, what are you going to buy us to eat?”

Yoon Jung-soo, “Buy? Me?”

Kim Sook, “Sorry, I misspoke. I meant to say what should I buy you?”

Yoon Jung-soo, “It’s a marketplace out there, we should just dig up our food.”


Once Hong Seok-cheon and singer Wax arrive they all go to change into work clothes. Is there some place near every beach that rents these suits? It seems like celebrities always wear these same outfits in variety shows that take place at the mudflat.


As Yoon Jung-soo walks across some water to get to the other side, Kim Sook yells out, “My love, don’t cross that river!!!” I keep putting off watching that movie because I hear it’s sad, but it keeps getting referenced on TV, so it must be pretty good.


It’s not as easy catching seafood as they thought. The crew is mostly just finding baby clams and baby crabs that are too small to eat. Yoon Jung-soo walks up with loads of short necked clams, but it turns out that he bought them off a local.


They finish up digging up seafood, and decide to play a game to decide who’ll pay for lunch. The one who jumps the least has to pay. The women get to start a little bit ahead because they’re women, and Hong Seok-cheon gets to as well because he’s gay? I’m not really sure why being gay earns him a handicap.

Kim Sook jumps the farthest and does a victory lap. The others complain that it’s not fair because apparently jumping in place is dependent on one’s weight, but it sounds like they’re just making up excuses. Nevertheless, they go for a second round. This time it’s the long jump, where they jump after a running start.


The ladies are almost scary with how competitive they are. Sun Woo-sun takes off her wet suit, and Wax practices in the background, but it’s Kim Sook that jumps twice as far as Sun Woo-sun, Wax, and Hong Seok-cheon. Yoon Jung-soo starts far away, but that just makes him tired from having to run so far. He barely gets any distance. Kim Sook wins again and does a second victory lap.

Yoon Jung-soo has to pay for lunch for getting in last place.



At a local restaurant, everyone asks for crabs. Yoon Jung-soo, “Just have noodles.” Wax, “You can have noodles, we’ll have the crabs.”


The food looks delicious, but the waitress spills some crab drippings on Yoon Jung-soo’s pants. Maybe she was nervous about being on camera. Yoon Jung-soo complains of the spill being stingy and goes to go change. Kim Sook comments that he’s a bit of a neat freak, and can’t stand being in dirty clothes. He doesn’t have any spare clothes though, so he just wears an apron as a dress.

Hong Seok-cheon keeps taking care of Yoon Jung-soo. He gives him another crab and Kim Sook gets jealous. Kim Sook, “What do you want?” Yoon Jung-soo, “Go buy me some pants.”

Kim Sook complains that the shrimp are too hot to peel, and Yoon Jung-soo says, “Give them to me, I’ll peel them for you.” The three guests look on curiously.

Heo Kyung-hwan and Oh Na-mi

It’s their last date and they spend it at Yeouido Hangang Park. Oh Na-mi says she was always jealous of the couples there. Heo Kyung-hwan, “So you wanted to spend our last moments here?”

Man, they are really hammering in the point that this is the end for them. Oh Na-mi cries while walking in the park, but tells Heo Kyung-hwan that it’s just the sun in her eyes.


In an interview, Oh Na-mi says that while participating in this program, they started feeling confused about their emotions, and decided to stop. (Does this mean that one of them started dating and had to quit the show?)


Heo Kyung-hwan, “Promise me something. Don’t feel sorry to me. Get rid of all my stuff in your home. Don’t save anything, let’s just sell it online. I’ll give you 60%”

Oh Na-mi, “Give me 70%. I did all the storage.”

Heo Kyung-hwan, “I’m not joking. Get rid of it all. You have a lot of stuff.”

It sounds like they’re just joking around, but this conversation is actually really sad.


Next, they go on a pedal boat on the Han River. Metaphors galore about how they pedaled so much, but it doesn’t seem like they got very far. It’s best to take things slow.


After getting some exercise, they set up a tent in the park. Heo Kyung-hwan brings in ramen and kimbap. They talk about all their experiences on the show and there’s a montage of their time together. It’s been 10 months.


They spend the night at an expensive looking restaurant. Maybe it’s one of the restaurants on the upper floors of the 63 building? They have lobster, steak, and wine. Heo Kyung-hwan, ask Oh Na-mi if there’s anything she was disappointed in. Oh Na-mi says there’s nothing and she starts to cry. She says she was really happy filming this show and often mistook their relationship for the real thing.

Heo Kyung-hwan asks what they’ll do when they see each other in public. Oh Na-mi, “I’ll say hello H-h-h-h-hahaha.” She wants to say “Hello Heo bong.” Aw.

Cue another montage.


Heo Kyung-hwan gives her some shoes. In Korea, you’re not supposed to give shoes to your SO, because it’s bad luck, they’ll use them to leave you, but I guess that’s the implication here. There are little flower stickers on the bottom of the shoes symbolizing that Heo Kyung-hwan only wants her to walk on flower paths from now on. It’s an inside joke. There’s more crying.


Oh Na-mi bought shoes as well. They fit well. Oh Na-mi, “I was hoping they didn’t fit, so I could exchange them and we’d have another excuse to meet.”

Oh Na-mi reads him a letter she wrote. basically thanking him for the last ten months. She also prepared a first aid kit. with post it instructions. How thoughtful.


…And that’s the end for Heo Kyung-hwan and Oh Na-mi.

Next week: Seo In-young and Crown J!!!




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