With You 2: The Greatest Love Recap: Episode 78

With You 2: The Greatest Love Recap: Episode 78

Episode 78: November 1, 2016

Remember back on the August 30th broadcast of the show where Seo In-young and Crown J made a guest appearance? Well, after filming that day, they said they had a lot of fun, and were considering doing another stint on a marriage show. After all, both of them are currently single.


Now they’re back full-time!!! They’re taking over Oh Na-mi and Heo Kyng-hwan’s slot.

I can’t believe it’s already been eight years since their time on <We Got Married>. They’ve barely aged. They look pretty much the same, except for maybe Seo In-young’s hair color.


First, Crown J meets with the <With You 2: The Greatest Love> writers. He says it feels like an interrogation room. The writers ask him how long it’s been since he’s been on TV. Crown J, “Excluding the news, it’s been six years, and eight years since <We Got Married>.”

Okay, so it looks like they’re going to address the marijuana scandal. It’s always good to address the white elephant in the room.

Crown J, “I know there are some people who don’t want to see me on TV, but there are some who want to see me again, and I’m very thankful to them. Also, I’m getting old and I’m at an age to get married, so I’m taking this very seriously, I worry that this marriage might end up being for real.”


Seo In-young meets with the writers as well. They ask her if she has any worries. She mentions Crown J’s scandals as well as the hate she’s gotten for various reasons throughout her career.

She’s worried that doing this show will garner her even more hate. She’s also worried about how this will impact her relationship with Crown J since they are good friends in real life.


Crown J arrives at a cafe first and waits for Seo In-young. He seems nervous and keeps fidgeting around. Seo In-young is nervous too as she walks up to approach Crown J.

Seo In-Young says she couldn’t sleep the night before, worrying that she might have bitten off more than she could chew.

Crown J confesses to her that he’s worried that their feelings might turn real. Seo In-Young, “What’s wrong with that? You already said you wanted to marry me.”


Crown J, “Even though we met in front of the cameras, we continued to meet without the cameras, so I’m worried about being back on camera.”

Crown J, “Let’s do well.”

Seo In-young, “Do well with what, this show?”

Crown J, “No, our relationship.” Awwww.


Next, they decide to go shopping in Apgujeong Rodeo Street, which is where a lot of luxury brands are located. They reminisce on how much the place has changed since they last went there during their <We Got Married> days. Most of the stores have changed.


However, there’s one place that hasn’t changed. Seo In-young takes him to the same hair salon they went to eight years ago.

She’s sad about his white hairs and slight balding. I guess there have been some aging in the past eight years, but you can barely tell.

Crown J doesn’t want to get his hair dyed. Eight years ago, he was so traumatized when Seo In-young tricked him into getting his hair dyed red, that he hasn’t dyed his hair since. (Hewas ridiculed and called “fire-ant” back then.)


They bicker about whether or not Crown J will get his hair dyed, and Crown J finally relents, but on the condition that he gets to check the hair dye so make sure that it’s black.

The tube of dye doesn’t say the color name, just a number, so he makes the hair stylist pull up the chart.

At first Crown J complains that its too black, like he’s wearing shoe shine on his head, but it looks decent once he washes it.


They go to eat at a restaurant nearby. What a strange-looking restaurant.

Seo In-young, ” I think there’ll be a surprise.”

Crown J, “You mean you planned a surprise for me?

Seo In-young, ” No, you have. For me.”

After joking around, Seo In-young admits that this restaurant is known for hosting small weddings, and convinces Crown J to have one of their own.


They put up an e-vite on their Instagram for their wedding ceremony at 7 pm.

Crown J doesn’t think anyone will show up. A few fans commented, but they’re too far away to make it by 7 pm.

After eating, the two get dressed. Crown J, doesn’t have proper clothes, so he just puts on a jacket, but Seo In-young goes full out with a white gown.


Crown J thinks she’s beautiful and I can’t help rooting for this couple. I really want them to get married in real life.

Seo In-young says she wants to write a contract for things they want from each other, especially because Crown J doesn’t trust people.

Crown J, “So we need a pre-nup?”


There’s a decent turnout for their wedding.

The two read their oaths to each other in front of their “witnesses.” Crown J says he will love Seo In-young and cherish her even if they fight.

Seo In-young says she’ll respect Crown J and try not to get angry, “I won’t kill Crown J.” Also, she says she’ll do her best to be honest, regardless of whether she looks good or bad.


Henry from Super Junior M shows up for the event. He lives in the area, and was passing by.

Btw, he was also on <We Got Married>.

Henry, “But I got divorced.” Seo In-young, “No, no, you got separated.”


Henry insists that the two kiss. Crown J, “I could kiss you 100 times.”

They’re really going to kiss?

Seo In-young asks Henry if she looks okay. Crown J puts on some lip balm.

They actually kiss. On the lips.


Yoon Jung-soo and Kim Sook

We cut to Taean County, where Yoon Jung-soo and Kim Sook went on their vacation with Hong Seok-cheon, actress Sun Woo-sun, and singer Wax. Last week they tried to catch some seafood in the mudflats and had some crabs for lunch.


As they drive through the countryside, Kim Sook asks for some music, and the crew shows their age listening to a song by the 1980s boy band Sobangcha.

with-you-2-the-greatest-love-episode-78-h with-you-2-the-greatest-love-episode-78-hh

They arrive at a resort owned by Hong Seok-cheon’s friend. It’s all decked out in Halloween decor which seems to be getting more and more popular in Korea. I think even just ten years ago, most adults in Korea didn’t really acknowledge Halloween.

The crew go to change into their costumes.

Kim Sook is one of the twins from . Yoon Jung-soo is Toshio from the Japanese movie .


Kim Sook and Yoon Jung-soo get competitive with who can do a better job putting on white makeup. They keep layering it on thicker and thicker, until Yoon Jung-soo decides he can “win” by putting it on his chest as well.

Wax dresses up as Spock, Sun Woo-sun is Catwoman, and Hong Seok Cheon is a minion.


Yoon Jung-soo hides underneath furniture, but he’s too fat to fit. Hong Seok-cheon yells at him to stop eating candies if he wants to lose weight.

But there’s no stopping his appetite as Yoon Jung-soo complains that he’s so hungry, so the crew go to cook some food. The resort has a gigantic common cooking area. I wonder how much it costs per nice. It looks really nice.

Yoon Jung-soo tries to hide again under the dining table, but gets stuck in the table legs. Kim Sook tells him to lose some weight. Poor guy. Everyone keeps making fun of him for being chubby.


They all cook something for the group. I’m anticipating restaurateur Hong Seok-cheon’s food.

Wax makes some open sandwiches, Sun Woo-sun makes pasta, Hong Seok-cheon makes Mexican fusion food, Kim Sook makes beef patties, and  Yoon Jung-soo grills some sausages.


While eating dinner, they have frank discussions about dating and marriage. Sun Woo-sun’s glad she’s not dating, because it’s suffocating. Hong Seok-cheon says he’s envious of their abilities to have children.


They finish the night with some karaoke. Wax of course is the star, as she’s the only singer of the group.

Yoon Jung-soo gets over excited during his turn and falls into the swimming pool in the back of the living room. It’s actually sectioned off by some curtains, so I can see how it would have been easy for him to fall in.


Next Week: Crown J moves in and Yoon Jung-so gets a check up.


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