With You 2: The Greatest Love Recap: Episode 79

With You 2: The Greatest Love Recap: Episode 79
Episode 79: November 8, 2016
Seo In-young and Crown J’s Home


Crown J arrives at Seo In-young’s house with a trolley full of boxes and suitcases. It’s the same apartment she lived in during their <We Got Married> days eight years ago.

He rings the door bell, and Seo In-young yells at him to come in. Crown J wants her to come to the door and help, but Seo In-young just yells, “Come in. Come in! I SAID COME IN!!!”


He seems a bit annoyed, but quickly changes his mind when he sees that Seo In-young has decorated her home to welcome him in. There’s a red carpet and balloons all over the place, including alphabet balloons that spell out “A KING” for Asia’s King.

Flashback to Seo In-young blowing up all the balloons herself. She has a hand pump, but it’s still a lot of work.

Crown J says he doesn’t have a lot of stuff this time around. Seo In-young takes a look at the luggage outside in the hallway, “You said you didn’t have much stuff!”


He brings in his shoe boxes first. Crown J, “I didn’t bring a lot of shoes. I spend so much on lawyer fees (on his marijuana scandal), that I don’t have a lot of shoes left.” He keeps bringing in more and more shoe boxes.

Crown J complains that it’s too hot. Seo In-young says it’s too cold. They’re already starting to bicker.


Crown J asks where the shoe closet is so he can put his sneakers there. Seo In-young, “Why? That’s where you’re going to sleep.” Crown J says he can’t sleep there because he’s sensitive to smells.

Seo In-young shows him around her bedroom. Crown J starts to bring his stuff in there. Seo In-young, ‘NO NO NO. This is my room.” She has a king bed, and insists that she’s going to use it all by herself.

They try to find a place for Crown J to sleep, and settle on her spare bedroom that she uses to store her hats and accessories.


Crown J starts to unpack his suitcases in the spare bedroom and takes out a shower gown. Seo In-young throws it on the ground, “You only bought one for yourself?!”

He tells her it’s for her, and Seo In-young is suddenly happy again. Crown J opens up another suitcase, and inside there is a gold shower gown. Seo In-young is jealous and asks for it. Crown J insists that the white one is prettier because it’s clean-looking, “You look better with simple things because your face is pretty.”

As they unpack, Crown J keeps saying he doesn’t have anything else. Seo In-young pities him. She thinks it’s something he says out of habit because of his scandal. She gives him a hug and says to cheer up.


Crown J asks if he can use part of her shelves for his hats. Seo In-young says he can use the bottom shelf. Crown J asks for the top shelf. During his scandal, he got a lot of stress which led to back pain. Seo In-young makes fun of him and tells him to go to a nursing home, but says okay for the top shelf.

Crown J says to the cameras that her clearing out space for his hats was the most touching thing of the day. He couldn’t even imagine that she would do such a thing eight years ago.


Crown J brings gold couple rings. Oh wait they’re not couple rings, but the handles of two mugs. Seo In-young yells at him for making her think he bought her rings. Then quickly insists that she’s not yelling at him, she was yelling at the packaging for being so misleading.

He says he wanted to slow things down. Last time around, he did too many events too early on.


Next, he finally takes out the big brown cardboard box. It’s a folding sofa from IKEA. Ugh. IKEA furniture is the worst because there are no instruction, just pictures. They have to assemble it. Seo In-young, “You and me?

Even though she doesn’t want to assemble it, Seo In-young goes to change her clothes, so she won’t get her pretty dress dirty.

Crown J tells the cameras that he couldn’t imagine Seo In-young doing manual labor. He knew she had gotten more mature, but hadn’t realized how much.

After much work, they realize that they assembled the bottom of the sofa backwards. Seo In-young just wants to throw it away. Crown J calms her down by saying he’ll take care of it himself later.


With that out of the way, Seo In-young takes out the contracts they wrote last time. She says, “We wrote this about respecting each other, but we don’t really know each other well, so we need to get to know each other better. Write down some stuff that’s important to you when living together. Write your likes and dislikes.”

Crown J only writes down the things he hates. Seo In-young, “I said likes and dislikes.” Crown J, “There are too many things I like. I like everything that’s not on this list. I’m not that picky.”


Crown J, “I hate using the bathroom at the same time. I heard a lot of people use the toilet while the spouse is brushing his teeth.” Seo In-young, “That’s ridiculous. Absolutely not.”

Crown J, “No hanging up the phone when angry. You do that often. Last time I talked to myself because I didn’t know you hung up.” Seo In-young, “That’s because if i don’t, I’d start yelling.”

He continues, “Finally, being there for each other no matter how much we fight. I hate people who take relationships lightly.”


It’s Seo In-young’s turn, “No insisting, no being stubborn.”

She continues, “Put the seasoning in first when making ramen.”

Crown J, “Don’t you remember eight years ago?” Seo In-young, “Of course, that’s why I wrote this. I was going to break things up that time.” Crown J, “That’s what I mean about taking relationships lightly. Who breaks up over ramen?

Seo In-young, “No lying.” Crown J, “What is this? The police?” Seo In-young, “No, you’re just too sensitive because you went there a lot.”

Seo In-young, “We’ll end things if we feel we don’t love each other anymore. That’s why I stopped filming last time when we made ramen. I saw it in your eyes that your love disappeared.”

Seo In-young, “No sleeveless shirts. I hate armpits and armpit hair.”

Crown J, “What if I hold my arms, so you can’t see my armpits?”

Seo In-young, “We can try it once.”

Crown J notes that not much has changed.


Seo In-young says she came up with a bell to let each other know that they’re getting upset. It’s actually a pretty good idea because at least this way, they won’t yell.

They’re hungry, but there’s no rice. Seo In-young says she’ll make ramen. Crown J wants to ban ramen because they fought over it so much before. Crown J wants to cook it himself because he doesn’t like how Seo In-young adds the seasoning before the noodles.

They both reach for the bell, but Crown J gets to it first. They reach a compromise by making each other ramen, and seeing which one tastes better.

Kim Sook and Yoon Jung-soo

Kim Sook takes Yoon Jung-soo somewhere. Yoon Jung-soo asks, “Are you taking me to eat somewhere?” Kim Sook, “Nope, not eating, we’re going to take something out.”

Kim Sook passes by a photo of Seolhyeon for a telecommunications ad. Yoon Jung-soo comments that they look the same. Kim Sook, “Ah, there really must be something wrong with you.”


They arrive at a urology department of a hospital. Kim Sook says he’s lacking energy and gets easily irritated. She’s worried about male menopause.


They take a survey with seven yes or no questions.

  • Loss of sexual desire?  →  yes
  • Loss of energy?  →  yes
  • Loss of stamina or endurance  →  yes
  • Decrease in height  →  yes (Yoon Jung-soo jokes that he used to be 184 cm tall.)
  • Do you feel that fun in your life has decreased?  →  yes
  • Easily irritated or angry for no reason?  →  yes
  • ??? (It’s something sexual that Kim Sook is too shy to read aloud.)  →  yes

If numbers one and seven along with three or more questions are yes, then you have male menopause. Poor Yoon Jung-soo.

Yoon Jung-soo gets his blood drawn. Kim Sook offers to hold his hand because she doesn’t like him being with another woman even if she’s a nurse.


They meet with the urologist. Kim Sook says he seems weak and only has 1/10 of the energy he used to have. She tells the doctor that Yoon Jung-soo thinks she’s the same as Seolhyeon, is that a problem? The urologist, “Yes, it really is.  . . Not having interest in the opposite sex is probably due to a drop in testosterone, but we need to see the results of the blood test to know for sure.”

Yoon Jung-soo has 4.48 testosterone which is normal. Yoon Jung-soo worries if this will affect his ability to have children.

The urologist recommends a semen test. Yoon Jung-soo doesn’t want to do it. Kim Sook, “WHY? Is it because of the money?”
with-you-2-the-greatest-love-episode-79-g The urologist shares that he has an eight month old daughter. He had her when he was in his late 30s, so they couldn’t get pregnant naturally. That’s we he recommends that Kim Sook and Yoon Jung-soo get married quickly and have kids soon.


Next, Kim Sook takes them to a ballet studio because ballet is good for vitality.

They go to change into ballet clothes which of course makes both of them look silly. Kim Sook is wearing an overly frilly dress while Yoon Jung-soo is wearing thigh clothes.


Yoon Jung-soo has a lot of trouble stretching. Kim Sook does better than I expected.

Kim Sook asks if ballet really is good for men. The instructor insists that ballerinos are strong because they have to lift women. Kim Sook, “Can you lift me?” He manages to lift her pretty easily. He says he weights 62 kgs which is about the same as Kim Sook.

They practice a few jumps and spins.



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