TV Highlights: Monday May 1, 2017

*Note: TV Highlights is a series where I summarize content and feedback on the most popular clips from shows airing on the previous day. I only post about clips that have over 100,000 views on Naver’s TV Highlights. On Naver TV, there are usually less than ten video clips a day that reach that many views, so these posts are the best of the best. The ratings mentioned in this post are taken from Neilson Korea – nationwide stats. 

Abnormal Summit

3.7% Ratings

Sweden: Students Don’t Go to School When Tired in the Morning

Because of the high latitude, Swedish representative Ida mentions that in Sweden, there is practically no night in the summer and no day in the winter. This leads to an increase in Seasonal Affective Disorder aka winter depression so many people do articifal tanning and light therapy sessions. On the other hand, she adds that in the summer people are full of energy and positive in the summer.

Gugudan’s Nayoung says back when she was a student, it was rare for students to stay up past midnight, but these days, kids stay up late studying and don’t even get out of private classes until 10 PM.

Ida then adds she was shocked to see Korean children sleeping during class because when Swedish students are tired they just don’t go to school.

Source: Naver TV


Summary of Notable Netizen Comments:

If you have freedom, you don’t use it!

(+681 / -16)

Foreign students think if you put your head down on the desk, it’s because you’re sick.

(+314 / -8)

It’s 10 PM when school ends and 12 AM when I get home. Then I wash up and get ready for bed and check my cellphone, and it’s 2 AM.

(+508 / -13)

I went to Sweden and saw that at 3 PM all the dad got off work and played with their kids. When do people there make money? . . . I was so jealous of how much free time they had.

(+310 / -6)

This has a positive effect. My aunt always tells my nephew, “If you’re tired don’t go to school and just rest at home.” and gave him a lot of freedom. At first, he thought he was super lucky and skipped a lot of classes, but then he became more self conscious. He worked super hard and didn’t skip classes even when he was deathly sick.

(+382 / -27)

It’s okay to have freedom if you’re responsible, but usually if you’re given freedom, people expect more from you.

(+232 / -33)

Kim Sejeong and Lullabys Around the World

The panelists talk about lullaby traditions in their own country and then Gugudan’s Kim Sejeong sings a bit of the song, “A Night When You Need Comfort.”

Source: Naver TV


Summary of Notable Netizen Comments:

God Sejeong.

(+129 / -3)

Kim Sejeong’s voice is truly healing. <3

(+106 / -2)

Wow her voice is really really good . . . it’s good.

(+125 / -3)

Her voice melts. It’s really good.

(+98 / -2)

That vocal color.

(+117 / -2)

It’s too short!!! I want to hear more ~~ I’m drunk on her voice.

(+96 / -2)

Hello Counselor

5.9% Ratings

Husband Says Wife’s Tears Are Fake. Why?

A housewife goes on the show to talk about her husband who yells at her and blames her for everything.

The husband talks about a time when he yelled at her in public, and she walked away, so he yelled at her some more. The wife tears up and the MCs ask if he thinks she’s just pretending to cry again.

The husband responds that he wishes she were honest, but he doesn’t completely believe her because she just cries all the time and doesn’t change. (??? The husband doesn’t make any sense to me, I’m not sure if I translated that correctly.)

The wife then adds that her husband is super kind to his friends and acts innocent around them, even lending money to lend them money while he yells at her for spending money on necesities.

Source: Naver TV


Summary of Notable Netizen Comments:

People like him who are mean to their families and kind to others are the worst. I hate those kind of people the most. -_-

(+488 / -0)

It’d be better if he were mean to others and better to his family. I’d rather be alone than marry a guy like that.

(+313 / -1)

Then why did he get married. Crazy b******.

(+403 / -0)

If she were my sister, I would make her get divorced . . . I can’t believe she’s so understanding.

(+309 / -1)

I can see Lee Chun-soo and Lee Young-ja getting pissed. It’ll be good for him to get yelled at like that in real life.

(+398 / -0)

I have nothing to say.

(+303 / -2)

Husband Disses His In-laws (Blames the People of Chungcheong Province)

A husband constantly tells his wife that she’s lazy just like her parents who are from Chungcheong Province, an area where the people are stereotyped as being slow. Lee Young-ja and Shin Dong-yup get up and yell at him as they’re both from the area.

The husband also blames his wife for being a terrible wife because she learned from her parents who got divored when she was ten years old. He also says the father-in-law is lazy because he doesn’t wash up often even when around his grandkids.

Source: Naver TV


Summary of Notable Netizen Comments:

How can trash like that exist?

(+774 / -2)

There are too many weird people out there. Too many people who need to go to the mental hospital instead of “Hello Counselor.”

(+537 / -2)

The father-in-law will be hurt after seeing this show thinking his daughter is suffering because of him. :'(

(+713 / -3)

He is truly trash. Please get divored. He will never change.

(+498 / -2)

He lacks even basic manners. If you use his line of reasoning, then he lacks manners because his parents must be trash too. He needs to know his place. If you can’t control yourself go get treated at a hospital.

(+636 / -3)

The man looks evil. His actions and way of speaking are evil too. He seems to look down on his wife’s parents a lot for being handicapped. Get a hold of yourself.

(+486 / -4)

Please Take Care of My Refridgerator

3.4% Ratings

Bada Cries Over Abalone Meal From Her Deceased Mother

Chef Yoo Hyun-soo makes a heart shaped dish using kimchi from Bada’s mother-in-law and abalone from her mother. Bada tears up at the dish thinking of her recently deceased mother and the words “You Raise Me Up” written on the plate.

Bada recounts how she had scheduled to be on “Open Concert” the day after her mother passed away, but couldn’t cancel because there were too many people involved in the show, so she just quietly practiced and did her best to sing without crying.

Source: Naver TV


Summary of Notable Netizen Comments:

Unnie, I hope you only walk on the flower path.

(+1832 / -30)

Bada is famous for being kind and sensitive. Be happy~

(+1057 / -18)

Bada, I hope you are happy. I was touched by your singing of “You Raise Me Up” on “Open Concert.”

(+1261 / -24)

How hearthbreaking. Unnie, be happy.

(+754 / -6)

I saw that episode of “Open Concert” and even the MC cried and I cried too :'(

(+1182 / -21)

I cried too while watching. :'( Bada will live well because she’s so kind. Your mother will be cheering you on from the sky.

(+926 / -12)

Bada’s Marriage with a Man Nine Years Her Junior

Bada says she felt left out being the only SES member not to be married. In their Kakao group chatroom, Eugene would only send baby wipes and other baby gifts to Shoo, but Bada wanted them too.

Ahn Jung-hwan jokes she’s a craddle robber for marrying a guy nine years her junior.

Solbi adds that he’s very polite and charming. She’s envious of how he calls her by name rather than “nuna.” He seems like a guy who would understand and accept Bada for who she is.

Bada says her husband calls her “baby~” and she calls him “grandpa” because he acts old and likes going to folk villages in his free time.

Source: Naver TV


Summary of Notable Netizen Comments:

Nuna live well. I’ll cheer you on!

(+626 / -13)

SES looks like they’re really close!

(+382 / -17)

Bada is a goddess in real life . . .

(+481 / -77)

So refreshing. So cool.

(+318 / -11)

kekekeke so cute.

(+384 / -16)

She sings well and gets prettier with age . . !

(+264 / -15)