TV Highlights: Saturday May 13, 2017

*Note: TV Highlights is a series where I summarize content and feedback on the most popular clips from shows airing on the previous day. I only post about clips that have over 100,000 views on Naver’s TV Highlights. On Naver TV, there are usually less than ten video clips a day that reach that many views, so these posts are the best of the best. The ratings mentioned in this post are taken from Neilson Korea – nationwide stats. 

Knowing Bros

7.0% Ratings

Psy’s “I Luv It” The return of the KPop Champion

Psy performs his new song “I LUV IT” for the first time on TV.

Source: Naver TV


Summary of Notable Netizen Comments:

It’s as good as “Gangnam Style.”

(+688 / -5)

Lee Byung-hyun in the “I LUV IT” music video is random and entertaining.

(+338 / -17)

kekeke I think this song is more addicting than “New Face.”

(+451 / -11)

It’s good. Samja said it’s good so there’s nothing left to say!!

(+338 / -17)

Of course Psy is great. . . I didn’t notice the time pass while watching ha

(+427 / -9)

kekekekekekekekekekekeke Samja looks like a grandpa at a drinking well. 

(+210 / -4)

Armpit Sweat Park

Psy demonstrates his dance for “New Face” which involves a lot of throwing his arms in the air giving audiences a good view of his armpit sweat. Kim Heechul also gives his try at the dance who says he memorized it after one take.

Kim Young-chul also makes a jab at how he’s on equal footing with Psy because they’ll be seeing each other on Inkigayo soon since they both are promoting their songs.

Source: Naver TV


Summary of Notable Netizen Comments:

Heenim is really good at doing dances. keke He’s quick to catch on. Must watch a lot of TV.

(+1075 / -20)

Well he is SuperJunior after all kekekekeeke. Of course he’s decent at singing and dancing kekeke

(+538 / -23)

It seemed like Psy was a bit weak today. He didn’t speak as brashly as I was expecting….

(+876 / -25)

Kim Heechul was crazy today at the Danstagram. kekeke He was daebak.

(+497 / -10)

Honestly Psy wasn’t that funny today,, the song is good though, and Kim Heechul’s dancing was addicting.

(+653 / -125)

Kim Heechul is amazing. Is he a dancing genius?? kekeke Daebak

(+288 / -4)

Immortal Songs

9.0% Ratings

Min WOo-hyuk – Kilimanjaro’s Leopard

Musical actor Min Woo-hyuk gives a powerful, emotional performance.

Source: Naver TV


Summary of Notable Netizen Comments:

I came here because of cheetah leopard keke

(+858 / -19)

Please go on King of Masked Singer too. You’re voice is so attractive and vocal color is very expressive.

(+462 / -47)

Wow this is really…

(+720 / -48)

He’s the type that women really like…tall and no double eyelids. his voice makes him seem so sensitive and soft but on stage he’s manly, sexy, and tough.

(+361 / -40)

I felt like I was watching part of a musical!! He’s word delivery is amazing!!

(+714 / -46)

“Kilimanjaro’s Leopard” came out in 1985 but 32 years later it doesn’t sound outdated.

(+348 / -20)

My Little Television

2.8% Ratings

The Danger of a 40 million won set piece! Hyeri and Yura Escape

Source: Naver TV


Summary of Notable Netizen Comments:

So cute. the viewers worked hard!!

(+292 / -19)

GIrls Day so fun!!!!!(+136 / -13)

Yelling kakakakakak mak eee what’s that? kekkee

(+274 / -14)

Yell it with us viewers kekekekekkeke

(+104 / -11)

I think the excape room thing could be its own variety show? kekekeke make it broadcast live with the viewers participating in the puzzles.

(+152 / -12)

Yura and Hyeri really are so cute kekeke

(+101 / -11)