TV Highlights: Sunday April 30, 2017

My Ugly Duckling - 18.3% Ratings

Lee Sang-min and His Unusual “Nose Washing Mania”

Lee Sang-min begins his days by rinsing his nose with saline solution. Seo Jang-hoon and Yoo Hee-yeol receive a culture shock.

Source: Naver TV


Summary of Notable Netizen Comments:

I hope the nose cleansing company sponsors Lee Sang-min for life . . . he’s doing a great job advertising it.  

(+2,609 / -26)

No kekekeke, why is he doing that in the kitchen and not the bathroom. Silly. kekeeke

(+1312 / -29)

kekekeke it’s so funny, but sad that he has rhinitis.

(+2,188 / -12)

Ah it looks really funny. But it’s hours of stress for those who have rhinitis. :'(

(+1232 / -9)

As someone who also has rhinitis, I agree with this 100%.

(+1762, / -18)

I do that at the sink too kekeke He uses the same sleep mask as me too.

(+593 / -15)

Kim Gun-mo’s Overwhelming Black Bean Noodle Eating at Marado Island

Kim Gun-mo takes Kim Jong-min to Marado Island and announces that they’ll be eating at al nine of the black bean noodle restaurants there.

Source: Naver TV


Summary of Notable Netizen Comments:

He does all sorts of crazy things because he has so much money. Aigoo . . . so jealous.

(+562 / -42)

What a waste of time . . . Why are they doing that?!

(+380 / -51)

They look foolish. If there were going to waste it, they should have just ordered two. I saw they threw away some in the middle.

(+545 / -54)

If that’s real and not part of the script . . . don’t get married. Get married after you grow up.

(+345 / -19)

They need to stop overreacting. Kim Gun-mo and Park Soo-hong keep doing ridiculous things because they’re on TV. Except for when the show first saw it, I’m not seeing any realistic daily life stuff. . .

(+395 / -51)

How crazy kekeke he’s the god of walking the walk.

(+226 / -9)