TV Highlights: Sunday May 14, 2017

*Note: TV Highlights is a series where I summarize content and feedback on the most popular clips from shows airing on the previous day. I only post about clips that have over 100,000 views on Naver’s TV Highlights. On Naver TV, there are usually less than ten video clips a day that reach that many views, so these posts are the best of the best. The ratings mentioned in this post are taken from Neilson Korea – nationwide stats. 

Running Man

6.6% Ratings

Jeon So-min, The Real 4-D Personality who Counts Money in the middle of a Gang Fight

Kim Jong-kook and Song Ji-hyo fight over the rules of a game which leads to a team fight complete with hair pulling. Jeon So-min, however, is off on the side quietly counting money, and not noticing there’s a fight going on right in front of her. 

Source: Naver TV

Summary of Notable Netizen Comments:

As Yoo Jae-suk said, Jeon So-min really is crazy. hehehe. This is the first time I’ve seen a female character like that.

(+1234 / -23)

The maknae Jeon So-min really is amazing keke. All the other cast members are fighting kekeke but she’s off alone counting money. kekeke and she even goes to ask for more money. 

(+767 / -27)

kekeke Jeon So-min is in her own world. kekeke She’s so busy counting money kekeke

(+954 / -32)

I’m really curious what goes on in Jeon So-min’s head.

(+582 / -20)

So cute kekekekekekekke

(+785 / -61)

The part where she was betting with Yoo Jae-suk at the restaurant was really funny~ kekeke please upload that clip. keke

(+546 / -25)

Jeon So-min, The Professional Traitor

Yoo Jae-suk and Jeon So-min are supposed to pay half each for a meal, but Jeon So-min decided to play a game to go all in and decide who needs to pay for it all.

Source: Naver TV


Summary of Notable Netizen Comments:

I LOL watching this kekeke. She fits in so well. So funny!!! Adding Jeon So-min was a godly move~!!

(+659 / -27)

Jeon So-min has adapted really well. 

(+386 / -13)

Honestly Jeon So-min kekeke is the female Lee Kwang-soo.

(+595 / -15)

Adaptation skills kekekeke. She’s even making Yooneu flustered.

(+380 / -9)

Jeon So-min is so good at variety haha She’s even attacking Yooneunim now kekeke

(+457 / -14)

Jeon So-min’s soul is so pure.

(+326 / -10)

The Return of Superman

9.5% Ratings

Da-eul Asks iF Uncle Rain a Bad Guy?

Lee Bum-soo’s children So-eul and Da-eul visit their dad and Rain who are filming a movie together. Da-eul asks Rain to take off his sunglasses, although Rain declines saying his eyes are puffy. Da-eul then asks Rain if he’s a bad guy or a good guy because he saw his music video for “Bad Guy.” Da-eul decideds he’s a good guy though and asks him to visit his home so he can cook him some food.

Rain also talks about back when Lee Bum-soo’s wife used to tutor him English.

Source: Naver TV


Summary of Notable Netizen Comments:

Rain keeps getting cooler. He looks more comfortable and good after getting married.

(+1739 / -25)

He had an interview after learning English for just three months. So-eul’s mother must have taught him well.

(+805 / -6)

Rain is so good looking and kind.

(+1114 / -33)

The way Da-eul bablbles is so cute.

(+698 / -7)

Kids can’t lie and it looks like Da-eul feel for Rain at first sight. hahaha.

(+1107 / -18)

Take off your glasses.. Da-eul knows how I feel. Why is Da-eul so cute?

(603 / -1)

Seung-Jae Cries after His Father Go Ji-yong Plays a Joke On Him

Go Ji-yong takes his son to a zoo and gets an emergency email from work. He stops by the zoo office in order to send some files while Seung-jae plays with a baby meerkat.

After finishing his work, Go Ji-yong spots a gorilla mask and scares poor Seung-jae making him cry.

Source: Naver TV


Summary of Notable Netizen Comments:

He’s the second Lee Dong-gook.

(+939 / -2)

But it’s good that he’s gotten a lot closer with his dad.

(+490 / -3)

Seung-jae was shocked and the meerkat was shocked too kekeke

(+727 / -2)

What a trouble maker Mr. Yong~~

(+377 / -5)

Go Ji-yong :'( he really does seem to be busy and it’s sad that a lot of dads are just as busy. :'(

(+601 / -7)

He’s so lovely since he’s still a baby~~

(+377 / -5)

Daebak Insists, “My Name is Si-AN!”

When some fans say hello to “Daebak” the little boy yells back that his name is “Si-an” and not “Daebak.” (Although with his lisp, he pronounces his name incorrectly as Ji-an.) His father then realizes that he needs to stop calling him Daebak and refer to him by his actual name because that’s what he wants.

Source: Naver TV


Summary of Notable Netizen Comments:

Cool Si-an~~~ Daebak~~~We must call him want he wants to be called.

(+1264 / -8)

Baldy Daebaki! kekekekekeke

(+895 / -8)

Not Daebak…Si-an!! How can you be so cute :'( :'( :'( :'(

(+1012 / -7)

I’m Ji-an! He talks so cute. He has great chemistry with his dad too. I like Jian and Kkugi so much.

(+688 / -6)

Has he returned from Daebak to cool Si-an? keke He talks so cute~~^^ <3<3<3<3

(+910 / -13)

He was so cute when he said he was a cool Ji-an. How awsome that he’s growing up.

(+681 / -12)


1.3% Ratings

PSy’s “I LUV IT”

Source: Naver TV

Summary of Notable Netizen Comments:

As expected of Psy.

(+2347 / -71)

I awknowledge the quality of Inkigayo performances. The performance is very Korean and sophisticated. Psy is good looking and so are the back dancers. What a cool performance.

(+1316 / -43)

They didn’t beep out the part where he says he’ll spit out the seeds* That’s good. kekeke

(+2026 / -60)

*this sounds like a swear in Korean

THe lyrics. kekekek As expected of Psy. 

(+1424 / -42)

I personally like this song better than “New Face.”

(+1676 / -81)

He’s really good at dancing. 

(+1167 / -43)

PSy’s “New Face”

Source: Naver TV

Summary of Notable Netizen Comments:

The dance is really funny and cool..If you dance it alone it’s weird, but if you dance in a group it looks cool;;

(+1923 / -25)

As expected of Psy

(+963 / -2)

It’s really addictive. I want to see a performance with Son Naeun too!!

(+1720 / -53)

As expected of Psy!!!! It’s so addicting kekekekeke

(+759 / -12)

I want to see a performance with Son Naeun. I saw the music video so many time that it feels empty without her. 

(+1119 / -48)

Where’s Son Na-eun :'(

(+580 / -105)