TV Highlights: Tuesday May 2, 2017

*Note: TV Highlights is a series where I summarize content and feedback on the most popular clips from shows airing on the previous day. I only post about clips that have over 100,000 views or 500 comments on Naver’s TV Highlights. On Naver TV, there are usually less than ten video clips a day that reach that many views/comments, so these posts are the best of the best. The ratings mentioned in this post are taken from Neilson Korea – nationwide stats. 

SPOILER WARNING: On days, where there aren’t many variety shows that make the cut, I will also include clips from the past day’s most popular dramas. Do not read this post if you want to avoid SPOILERS for Korean dramas or spoiler sensitive variety shows such as “King of Masked Singer.”

Produce 101 Season 2

2.3% Ratings

National Producers, Wait for Us! <Group Battle> BTS Part 1

Mnet uploaded a 3 minute video clip with a montage of more BTS clips from the group battle featured on episode three and four.   Source: Naver TV


Summary of Notable Netizen Comments:

Get rid of the concert group

(+996 / -15)

You should have uploaded before the eliminations.

(+678 / -10)

Please upload clips for each team.

(+898 / -10)

At first I couldn’t tell who was who even with the name tags, but now I know all their faces. Kekekeke. I’m falling for them one sidedly.

(+520 / -10)

So when are you going to upload the full clip for Maboy? In three days? In four days? In one week? In one month? In one year?*

(+726 / -5)

(*this is a quote based on something Kahi said in episode four.)

Next time show us the bts clips for each team . . . If we get just three minutes per team, we’d get a lot of footage. What about the trainees who don’t get air time on TV or these BTS clips. :'(

(+429 / -6)

Perfect Wife

6.1% Ratings

Jo Yeo-jung Smiles Manically as She Remains in a Burning Building


Source: Naver TV


Summary of Notable Netizen Comments:

Jo Yeo-jung really needs to get an award.

(+1015 / -9)

That smile . . . It’s so scary ㅠ So good at acting!!

(+575 / -8)

The thing that remains in this drama = Yo Jeo-jung’s beauty

(+859 / -20)

It was a “Perfect Horror.”

(+442 / -5)

She’s laughing but she looks so pitiful. ㅠㅠ Jo Yeo-jung is really good at acting~!!

(+767 / -9)

Honestly, is this drama a thriller?

(+442 / -5)

Jo Yeo-jung Starts a Fire During the “Wedding “


Source: Naver TV


Summary of Notable Netizen Comments:

Although the drama plot fell off the cliff, Jo Yeo-jung’s acting is amazing. She really deserves an award!!!

(+447 / -11)

At first I thought, “Oh! There’s a drama like this, but then it changed into an investigative journalism piece.”

(+205 / -4)

The Queen of Acting, Jo Yeo-jung, I hope she gets an award.

(+313 / -7)

Did they write the script with their feet? ke

(+151 / -7)

The ropes are tied so shoddily. keke

(+236 / -3)

The acting is daebak!

(+138 / -3)


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