My Ugly Duckling: Episode 10

My Ugly Duckling: Episode 10
Episode 10: November 4, 2016

Heo Ji-woong’s mom brags about a photo she took with Shin Dong-yup. Park Soo-hong’s mom wants a photo too, so she can brag about it to her friends. It’s so cute how the moms are still excited about seeing celebrities.


Shin Dong-yup says he said hello to Kim Gun-mo’s dad in the hallway because he’s known him for years. Shin Dong-yup calls him a lover boy. Kim Gun-mo’s mom, “The best thing that happened to him was marrying well.” Seo Jang-hoon sighs.

Shin Dong-yup, “Don’t you love your husband too?” Kim Gun-mo’s mom, “He’s alright.” LOL.


Kim Gun-mo: 586 Months Old: You Suffer When You Leave Home

We see part two of Kim Gun-mo’s trip to Ji Sang-ryeol’s house.


Ji Sang-ryeol shows Kim Gun-mo around his house. The moms comment on how good he is at hanging laundry.

He also shows off all the furniture he got for when he gets married. He’s been collecting them since 1996. I remember Ji Sang-ryeol showing off this collection on <I Live Alone> a few months ago. It looks like he hasn’t touched it since. There’s a massage chair, coffee table, sink, rice cooker, etc.

Kim Gun-mo’s mom, “How strange.”


Ji Sang-ryeol offers an electronic blanket as a gift. It’s been over 10 years since he bought it. Kim Gun-mo, “Do you think I’ll get an electric shock?”

Ji Sang-ryeol doesn’t have anything to eat at home besides the few ingredients that Kim Gun-mo brought over. It looks like he doesn’t even have basic seasoning and sauces. Kim Gun-mo asks for some paper so that he can write a shopping list. Ji Sang-ryeol doesn’t have any paper either, so he just rips the mint gift bag that Kim Gun-mo brought.


While he goes to buy groceries, Kim Gun-mo looks through his record collection. He finds Shin Seung-hun’s album. (He was Kim Gun-mo’s rival.) He starts searching frantically through the collection for one of his own albums. Fortunately, Ji Sang-ryeol has five Kim Gun-mo albums. Kim Gun-mo, “Not too shabby.”

Of course, while waiting, Kim Gun-mo plays Clash of Clans. I can tell because of that Supercell soundbite.


The dogs seem like they poop a lot. Is it normal for dogs to just poop in the middle of the living room? The dogs sit next to Kim Gun-mo. He moves to the other side of the sofa. The dogs follow him. Kim Gun-mo moves again. I think he’s just teasing the dogs.

Once Ji Sang-ryeol gets back, Kim Gun-mo asks, “How come Shin Seung-hun’s album is at the top, and mine is at the bottom?”

Ji Sang-ryeol, “I don’t know.”

Kim Gun-mo, “I’d be mad, but at least you have five of mine and only two of his. Rearrange these in alphabetical order!” (Kim starts with the first letter of the Korean alphabet.)

While making dinner, Kim Gun-mo spaces out. He can’t remember what he was trying to do. He meant to get some chopsticks. Kim Gun-mo’s getting forgetful . . . and old.

The food looks good, and the moms comment on how Kim Gun-mo’s good at making food for others.

Tony Ahn’s mom, “If I were young again I would choose him.”

Kim Gun-mo’s mom, “He’s very considerate. I told him a few years ago that I wanted to get divorced, and he responded, “That’s good. Divorces are good. I’ll go find another match for you.””

Kim Gun-mo’s mom, “Even so, I’m so glad that I got a wonderful son like you. There isn’t another son as filial as you.”

Seo Jang-hoon laughs.


Tony Ahn’s mom, “If only I weren’t married.”

The MCs joke about how if she married Kim Gun-mo, she’d be almost the same age as the mother-in-law. Tony Ahn’s mom is 71, while Kim Gun-mo’s mom is 73. Also, Tony Ahn would be her grandson.

Tony Ahn’s mom, “Everything is good about him, except for the mother-in-law. She’s too scary.”

Park Soo-hong’s mom, “How funny.”

Tony Ahn’s mom, “I’ve liked his songs for a long time, but his looks are not so good.”

Kim Gun-mo’s mom, “No, he’s very good-looking if he just grows out his hair evenly.”


The dogs try to get some table scraps. One of the dogs drools on Kim Gun-mo’s pants. Poor dog. I wonder how it eats with its tongue stuck like that.

Tony Ahn’s mom notes that he and the dog look alike. I bet Kim Gun-mo’s mom wasn’t too happy about that comment.


While buying groceries, Ji Sang-ryeol picked up a flyer with a mental age quiz on the back. I guess a lot of flyers these days have quizzes on the back so that people will take a second look at them. He asks, “Do you cry often?”

Kim Gun-mo says no. The last time he cried was last week when he stubbed his toe on a table.

The next question is if he ever rebelled against his mom. Kim Gun-mo, “No, but once I collected the pickled radishes I got from ordering black bean noodles. I collected them for a week, but my mom threw them away, so I didn’t go home for a week.”

Ji Sang-ryeol, “How old were you then?”

Kim Gun-mo, “It was recent.” LOL!


The third question is, “Money is the most important thing in my life. True or false?”

Kim Gun-mo, “Yes, when I was in college, my dad’s business went bankrupt, so I had to pay my own tuition. That’s why I couldn’t go to a four year college.”

Kim Gun-mo’s mom, “LIAR LIAR. I paid for your college tuition.”

The next question is “Would you be satisfied with your life if the world ended tomorrow?”

Kim Gun-mo, “No, I would have to go to my parents and bow, thank them for giving me life.”

Ji Sang-ryeol, “You got 3 points out of 20. You’re in your childhood, between the ages of 0-9.”

Park Soo-hong: 552 Months Old: The Things My Mom Didn’t Know

Park Soo-hong is watching TV again. The sound doesn’t work. He almost has a heart attack and yells at his “friend” for being on mute.

Park Soo-hong’s mom comments that he really likes watching TV.


Someone’s at the door. It’s Park Soo-hong’s dad. I guess he wasn’t expecting him. Park Soo-hong’s mom sent him to deliver some side dishes that she made.

It’s perfect timing because Park Soo-hong was hungry.

Park Soo-hong’s mom, “I get tired so I can’t make a lot of side dishes.” It’s a humble brag because she’s sent several full bags of food. She sends food to him once a week.


It takes a while for Park Soo-hong’s dad to notice he’s changed his hairstyle. Park Soo-hong takes his dad to his dressing room to show off his hair. He must really like it a lot. He was showing his hair off a lot in ther previous episode too.

The father and son heat up some of the side dishes and have lunch together. While Park Soo-hong sets the table, his father gets absorbed by the TV. It looks like their love for TV is genetic.

While eating, the father and son have a heart to heart.

Park Soo-hong’s dad tells him never to start a business because the scariest thing in the world is interest. It grows and grows even when you eat or go to the bathroom.


Back when he had his own business, he had to pay all his employees first, and was left with only 30,000 won (~30 USD. He wondered why he lived his life like that, just so he could make 30,000 to take home for the holidays.

At this point, Kim Gun-mo’s mom glances over at Shin Dong-yup who’s had quite a few failed businesses.

Park Soo-hong asks if his dad fell in love with his mom at first sight. Mom blushes in the studio. He responds, “Of course. Mom was pretty.”

We get to see photos of the moms when they were in the twenties. It’s interesting to see how the two oldest moms are wearing hanboks. It’s a sign of the times.


Tony Ahn’s mom says she acted like a princess back then.

Park Soo-hong’s dad talks about the women he dated. One of them had smelly armpits.

Park Soo-hong asks his dad if he would marry his wife again if he were born again, “HAHAHA . .  .Yes . . . because otherwise I won’t get to eat.”

I like his sense of humor.

Kim Gun-mo’s mom got married at 23.

Park Soo-hong’s mom at 27.

Seo Ji-woong’s mom at 24.

and Tony Ahn’s mom at 26.

MC Han Hye-jin asks if any of them would have chosen not to get married. Park Soo-hong’s mom says of course not, because she wouldn’t have had her son otherwise. Kim Gun-mo’s mom would have liked to be single, as long as she could support herself financially.


Park Soo-hong’s dad is back to watching TV. He’s talking to his son, but keeps getting distracted by the TV. He’s watching the drama <Love in the Moonlight> and gets a call from his wife. They’re both fans of that show. They speak formally. Mom says he’s never spoken informally to her during their marriage (although she does when they fight.) Ha!


They talk about when Park Soo-hong was in middle school, his dad gave him a swimsuit magazine. He says his dad was cool.

This father and son couple is so cute.


Heo Ji-woong: 443 Months Old: My Son’s Job

Heo Ji-woong is doing something. Everyone assumes he must be cleaning again, but he’s pumping air into his bike.


He heads to the Han River for a few hours.

I sometimes ride a bike here. It’s a really nice place for a bike.


He gets home in the evening, and goes to work on his column, which he needs to send in by midnight. Heo Ji-woong’s never missed a deadline. He says the toughest part is coming up with the first sentence.

He’s having trouble, so in between trying to write, we see cuts of him working out, taking a shower, vacuuming, etc.

He hears a sound from his office. He goes to check on it, and a camera fell off a bookcase, breaking one of Heo Ji-woong’s figurines.


His mom looks like she’s about to cry. So does Heo Ji-woong.

He’s typing away furiously at his keyboard. Maybe he’s thinking about his figurine.


Heo Ji-woong’s mom says she’s proud of her son.

Kim Gun-mo’s mom wisely states that all jobs are hard.

Shin Dong-yup reflects on a time when he worked on a show with Kim Gun-mo. He felt like he wasn’t good enough, but Kim Gun-mo motivated him.


Next week: Heo Ji-woong gets kittens and Park Soo-hong dresses up for Halloween.


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