My Ugly Duckling Recap: Episode 11

My Ugly Duckling Recap: Episode 11
Episode 11: November 11, 2016

Park Soo-hong’s mom is all compliments today, telling Han Hye-jin how beautiful she looks. She’s dyed her hair a purple-brown. I bet all the moms wish she were their daughter-in-law.

Kim Gun-mo’s mom was sick. She went to a hospital and stayed for three days for shingles in her ear. The MCs tell her she need to get the shingles vaccine, it’s important for everyone over sixty.

Shin Dong-yup jokes that there’s no need to worry about Park Soo-hong getting sick because he’s full of energy. He heard that Park Soo-hong was hanging out in the Nonhyun food district, drinking until 4 am and “hunting” for women.

Park Soo-hong’s mom says that before she did this show, she had no idea that he stayed out so late. She was worried about all his clubbing, but she’s given up now.


Shin Dong-yup asks the moms what they’d think if they got a son-in-law who was just like their sons. Park Soo-hong’s mom doesn’t want a son-in-law who’s blond and goes waxing, but she adds that Park Soo-hong is a good person.

Heo Ji-woong’s mom says she’d get a headache if she had a son-in-law who was as much a neat freak as her son. Tony Ahn’s mom says she would want Park Soo-hong as her son-in-law. Shin Dong-yup asks why she didn’t pick Kim Gun-mo. It’s because she just wants him as a husband. Kim Gun-mo’s mom, “Tony Ahn’s mom is very wise.”


Park Soo-hong: 552 Months Old: My Son’s Conspiracy Plot

Park Soo-hong has a meeting with his friends. They’re planning something, but we don’t know what. They’re talking about something they’ve never done before, something about young people, and a knife?

Oh, they’re talking about Halloween.

Kim Gun-mo’s mom, “He’s like a child.”


One of his friends recommends that he dress up as Sailor Moon, which he did before 14 years ago for a variety show. His mom says that she hated that costume the most. He was also a stewardess and Patti LaBelle another year. Park Soo-hong’s mom says that back then, Park Soo-hong hated dresses up as women, but had to do it for work.

Another friend arrives and he brings some kimchi that his mom made for Park Soo-hong. It’s way too much for him to eat by himself, but he’s grateful anyways.

The kimchi friend also brings in a huge bag containing four smurf outfits. Park Soo-hong complains that women won’t like them if they paint their faces blue, but the friend counters that it’ll make them stand out.


Seo Jang-hoon comments that seven and eight year old children are the ones who should be most excited for Halloween, but it’s Park Soo-hong and company having the most fun singing the Smurf theme song as they skip around his living room.

Park Soo-hong’s mom, “Where are they going to go like that?”

“The club!”

The four friends walk out of the house all dressed as smurfs. Park Soo-hong is Smurfette. The others are Papa Smurf, Farmer Smurf, and Brainy Smurf. They run into a neighbor on the elevator and wait for the next elevator because they’re kind of embarrassed.

Someone else is about to get on the elevator, so the four turn around so that they won’t scare the neighbor with their blue faces.

Park Soo-hong to the neighbor, “I’m not a strange person.”

Park Soo-hong’s mom reiterates, “He’s really changed. He used to hate wearing women’s clothes.”


Shin Dong-yup asks the mothers who they’d dress up as for Halloween.

  • Kim Gun-mo’s mom – Snow White
  • Park Soo-hong’s mom – Korean Queen
  • Heo Ji-woong’s mom – Audrey Hepburn
  • Tony Ahn’s mom – A queen

Park Soo-hong and company walk around outside looking for a taxi. Shin Dong-yup worries that they’re too scary looking for a taxi to stop for them. There’s no taxi nearby, so they end up having to walk out to a busy street.

Once they get a cab, they head to Itaewon which is the international district in Seoul. There are lots of foreign restaurants and a few clubs there, and apparently 2 million people gathered in Itaewon this year for Halloween.


At first it seems like no one else is dressed up, so Park Soo-hong is embarrassed and tries to hide under his wig, but once he gets to the main street in Itaewon, he sees tons of other people dressed up.

Kim Gun-mo’s mom goes on a tangent complaining about the word sexy, “During our time, we told people they were attractive. No one outright said someone was sexy. I really hate hearing that word.”

Tony Ahn’s mom, “No, we need to try to adapt to the new generation.”


Kim Gun-mo’s mom and Park Soo-hong’s mom are the oldest, so they grew up during the Japanese Occupation and Korean War period. They were just children, but they still remember the war. Kim Gun-mo’s mom complains that they lived such hard lives, evacuating during the war, but now Korea’s become so prosperous that people are going around talking about being sexy.

Park Soo-hong’s mom said she couldn’t evacuate during the war because her mom was pregnant with their youngest sibling.

They both conclude the story by saying, “War is scary.”


Heo Ji-woong: 443 Months Old: The Son Who Became a Father

The MCs comment that the house is very bright as usual. Heo Ji-woong is carrying an animal cage. The moms guess that he bought a dog.

Actually, he’s babysitting a few kitties. He’s always wanted to raise cats, but couldn’t because he has allergies. They’re so tiny and cute. He’s having a lot of fun playing with them.

He gets bitten by one of them and bleeds. Heo Ji-woong’s mom looks super worried, but Heo Ji-woong doesn’t seem to mind.


While he’s getting a bandage, one of them poops on the floor. How will he react? Heo Ji-woong just wipes it up without complaint, but he also wipes all of the kittys’ feet. Looks like he’s going to use up a lot of wet wipes.

HeoJi-woong’s face is starting to get red from allergies.

The kitties run around all over the apartment, but at least the kitties are trained enough to go in the kitty litter. Heo Ji-woong tries to wipe them after every time they pee. He’s like a human bidet, and he has to chase after them every time. He starts to complain about the smell.

His eyes are getting teary now.


Han Hye-jin asks the moms what they think their sons will be like when they become fathers. The moms all say they think they’ll be good fathers. Since they’re old, they’ll find their children that much more precious.

Shin Dong-yup talks about his own son who he says resembles him a lot. When the son was six, he saw a picture of a lingerie ad in a magazine, and pretended he didn’t like it, but took a second peek at it when he thought Shin Dong-yup wasn’t looking.


Kim Gun-mo: 586 Months Old: My Son’s Wind

Kim Gun-mo is looking sick, but he takes out a gym ball. Han Hye-jin comments that she uses it to put her baby to sleep.

He has to inflate the ball himself, and it looks like he’s getting his work out here.

Kim Gun-mo’s got an idea, and takes out his bike pump. It doesn’t seem to inflate, but once he’s fixated on something, he the type that has to finish it. Kim Gun-mo then takes out another hand pump. Now, he’s back to trying to inflate it with his mouth.

This sequence goes on for the entirety of Kim Gun-mo’s segment today which is a whole fifteen minutes.

Shin Dong-yup comments that Kim Gun-mo has a “heavy butt.” When he does something, he focuses on it for a long time. Kim Gun-mo’s mom is pleased that the MCs are saying something positive about her son for once.


Seo Jang-hoon asks about birth dreams.

Kim Gun-mo’s mom says there were lot of peppers in a field. She didn’t think much of it then, but after he became a singer, she thought they must have represented been his fans.

Seo Jang-hoon, “Does that mean he has only male fans?”

Park Soo-hong’s mom, “There was a wide ocean and there were some peppers.” Shin Dong-yup jokes that “the water must be good there” which is a slang term often used at clubs to say that there are lots of attractive people.

Han Hye-jin, “I didn’t have a birth dream, but my husband did. We were standing by the beach and there was a big creature in the water. He had this dream twice.”


Tony Ahn: 461 Months Old: Sharing the Pleasures and Pains of Life

Tony Ahn tells his roommates that their maintenance fee came out to 2 million won (~2,000 USD). That’s because they haven’t paid it in 10 months. We see the bill, and it’s actually a bit higher than that at 2.38 million won. They also have a gas bill for 550 thousand won (~550 USD).

Tony Ahn, “We don’t even cook at home, why is the gas bill so high?” He also astutely notes that they’re lucky that the gas company didn’t turn their gas off.

They decide to go through the bills one by one. Tony Ahn and Kim Jae-duk both blame the youngest Seung-woo for the electricity bill. He always keeps the lights on at night and turns on the AC as soon as he comes home.

As for the gas, Tony Ahn and Kim Jae-duk both claim that they only cook ramen and shower with cold water, and ask Seung-woo if he uses hot water. He does. He also once cooked sweet potatoes for three hours.

Tony Ahn and Kim Jae-duk say they often don’t shower. They just use wet wipes. It looks like the water bill is Seung-woo’s fault too.


Seung-woo out of the blue asks Tony Ahn who he dated when he was still a part of H.O.T. Maybe he wants to get revenge for blaming all the bills on him?

Seung-woo, “How many?”

Kim Jae-duk, “What a dumb question. How can you count all of them?”

Tony Ahn, “No. . . it was only a few. ”

Han Hye-jin, a Tony Ahn fan, says that she thought he didn’t date anyone.


It’s been about three years since Tony Ahn’s dated. Kim Jae-duk mentions that there was someone he thought about marrying. Tony Ahn, “There was someone who my mom wanted me to marry. She really liked that woman . . . My mom wants me to get married and have kids soon, but she doesn’t say that aloud to me.”

Tony Ahn’s mom says that she liked her because she was very kind.

Seo Jang-hoon, “Was she good at singing or acting. Just tell us that.”

Tony Ahn’s mom, “Singing.”

Seo Jang-hoon, “Was she a solo singer or part of a group. Just tell us that one more.”

Tony Ahn’s mom, “No, I can’t tell you.”

Tony Ahn talks about a time his mother had heart surgery. She was in the suburbs, so she had to take an ambulance to go to a big hospital in the city. While in the ambulance, she saw a pretty female doctor and asked her for her name even though she was barely conscious. “You know who my son is right? Why don’t you meet him?”


Kim Jae-suk says his parents told him they need to stop living together if they want to get married. They drink too much. Seung-woo worries about their health and whether they’ll even make it to 50.

Seung-woo tells them to draw a square with one hand, and a triangle with the other. It’s good for preventing Alzheimer’s.

Tony Ahn also does the thing where you spin one hand clockwise, and the other counterclockwise. All the moms and MCs have fun trying in the studio.


Next Week: Park Soo-hongs at the club, Heo Ji-woong takes swimmiing lessons, and Kim Gun-mo cooks an ostrich egg.


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