My Ugly Duckling Recap: Episode 9

My Ugly Duckling Recap: Episode 9

Episode 9: October 29, 2016


Kim Gun-mo’s mom gives Park Soo-hong’s mom a chocolate, “We have to eat this quickly before filming starts.” Aw. Filming must really takes a toll on their energy, since they’re pretty old.

As for the “pre-filming” chatter . . .

Tony Ahn’s mom, “This program is really popular among older people.”

Kim Gun-mo’s mom, “Young people like it too. Some elementary kids even asked for my autograph.”

Shin Dong-yup, “Did Park Soo-hong introduce that woman to you yet?”

Park Soo-hong’s mom, “What woman? He’s dating someone?”

Shin Dong-yup, “Just kidding.”


Apparently Kim Gun-mo’s dad comes every week to filming to drop off his wife. Kim Gun-mo’s mom says she told him not to come this time because she thinks he gets too tired, and so she told other people that she fired her “manager.” LOL. They’ve been married for fifty years.

The first set of footage is titled, “My Son Leaves Home.”

Shin Dong-yup asks, “Have any of your sons ever run away from home?”


Kim Gun-mo ran away once during high school. He skipped school, so his mom got a call from his homeroom teacher. Kim Gun-mo’s mom then asked around all his friends, and it turns out he went to see one of his friends in another city. Mom went to go get him and made him go to school, so he was tardy and not absent. He got a perfect attendance record award. Of course, Kim Gun-mo’s mom’s story is all about bragging about her son.


We go to Kim Gun-mo’s house where he takes out a suitcase. Is he going on a trip somewhere? He packs five Superman T-shirts. I thought he just wore the same shirt over and over because he liked it so much, but it looks like he owns at least twenty of them. Kim Gun-mo’s mom folds all of his clothes, “If I didn’t, it’d turn into Tony Ahn’s house.”


Next, Kim Gun-mo takes some food from his fridge. He packs squid, pears, Korean beef, ramen, and of course multiple bottles of soju. While he’s getting the food, I can see his iPad on the kitchen table playing Clash of Clans.


Kim Gun-mo takes his suitcase of food and Superman T-shirts to some apartment, and the moms wonder if he’s going to go cook for a woman at her home. He even carries a mint colored shopping bag that looks like it might be from a jewelry shop.


Unfortunately, it’s not a woman. It’s comedian Ji Sang-ryeol. His house is quite clean, and even “neat freak” MC Seo Jang-hoon compliments it. Ji Sang-ryeol has four dogs. One of them even has Ji Sang-ryeol’s trademark hair style from his younger days. He’s known for being a huge animal lover, and that’s one of his biggest obstacles to getting married.


Kim Gun-mo is known for sharing his food with his friends. His mom likes that he’s a sharing person and brags about how he often buys extra food to give with her friends.


Kim Gun-mo and Ji Sang-ryeol play with the dogs and even fit one of the Superman Ts on a dog. Kim Gun-mo takes out some live crabs, so that the four crabs can play with the four dogs. (In Korean, the words for crabs and dogs are homonyms.)

Kim Gun-mo tries to play with the crabs, but of course they don’t do anything, so he gets frustrated, and decides to just eat them right away.


While Kim Gun-mo is cooking up some crab stew, back in the studio, Han Hye-jin asks, “These days, guys who cook well are very popular. Do you prefer guys who cook well or guys who clean well?”

Kim Gun-mo of course chooses guys who cook well, just like her son while Heo Ji-woong’s mom chooses guys who clean well, just like her son.


The MCs tell Kim Gun-mo’s mom that she looks like singer Kim Jong-seo. Kim Gun-mo’s mom, “Is he perfect like me?”


Park Soo-hong is going through another “transformation” and his mom says that she’s no longer surprised.

Park Soo-hong is at the hair salon, and it’s a good thing because his hair looks like a bird’s nest. It’s not his fault though. He got his hair done as part of a “punishment” on some other variety show.


Park Soo-hong flips through a look book, and pick G-dragon. Heo Ji-woong must have gotten his hair done there too, because his photo is in the look book.

While getting his hair done, Park Soo-hong looks around at all the women. Shin dong-yup. “Being overly interested in women, is better than not being interested in women.”


Park Soo-hong asks about getting his ears pierced. The conversation moves on to tattoos and waxing. The moms have a bit of a culture shock, some of them have never even heard of the concept of waxing. Park Soo-hong’s mom, “No! Don’t do it!”

Shin Dong-yup tries to explain that waxing is a very normal thing in many countries, especially Europe where MC Han Hye-jin’s husband is currently working. Park Soo-hong’s mom, “That’s ridiculous.”

The MCs ask the moms whether they’d prefer their sons to get a tattoo or waxing.

Park Soo-hong’s mom, “I hate them both, I hate waxing more. Stop talking about this and making my son look so weird.”

I don’t think she understands that hair grows back after waxing.


The MCs ask her to send a video letter to her son.

“Soo-hong, don’t do that. I don’t like that. I really don’t like that.”

It’s so cute watching such a normally calm grandma get angry.

Tony Ahn’s mom says she prefers waxing.

Kim Gun-mo’s mom chooses waxing too, but not before complaining, “<My Ugly Duckling> is doing well in ratings, so why are you making us talk about such ridiculous things!”


Park Soo-hong’s hair is done and it looks really good. I’m going to have to find out where this salon is and check it out myself.


Park So-hong proclaims that he looks just like an idol. He asks his manager how he looks, and the poor guy responds that it looks  really good, like an idol from the back and a Hollywood actor from the front. It must be hard making a living.

Park So-hong’s mom recommends Kim Gun-mo dye his hair too. Kim Gun-mo’s mom, “he only has a tiny cap of hair on the top of his head. There’s nothing to dye. I want to complement him for being so brave to go outside with that hair cut.”

The MCs, “Every thing you say about your son ends up in a compliment.”


Cut to Tony Ahn. His roommate Kim Jae-duk asks if they should order delivery, but Tony Ahn says he’s going to cook some kimchi stew. They don’t have any regular kimchi, so he uses radish kimchi.

Tony Ahn adds ramen seasoning, and Kim Jae-duk complains that they might have well just eat ramen instead.

Lacking confidence in their upcoming dinner, Kim Jae-duk and the third roommate eat leftover chicken.


Tony Ahn tastes the stew, but it must taste off because he starts looking in his cabinets and decides on oyster sauce.

Tony Ahn then looks for some food and finds the empty chicken box that Kim Jaeduk and the third roommate put back in the fridge.

Seo Jang-hoon, “Why in the world would you ever do that?!?”


The stew is surprisingly good and Tony Ahn’s mom smiles. The kimchi stew with sweet and sour pork is actually a recipe that chef Baek Jong-won showed on <My Little Television>.


While participating in this broadcast, Heo Ji-woong’s mom got a call from her middle school friend that she had lost contact with.

Kim Gun-mo says she has a friend that she wants to meet to and makes a video letter to her high school friend that she lost contact with.


Next week: Park So-hong’s dad makes an appearance and Kim Gun-mo plays with Ji Sang-ryeol’s dogs.


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