Video Star Recap: Episode 15

Video Star Recap: Episode 15

Episode 15: September 18, 201

A New MC

Last week was maknae Cao Lu’s final episode due to her being “too busy” with her acting schedule. However Cao Lu’s not even a lead character, so I doubt that she couldn’t find the time for an up and coming talk show. My guess is that since <Video Star> just got picked up for a full season, the higher ups wanted someone less controversial and more articulate.


Her replacement is Secret member Jun Hyo-seong. She’s a fan of <Video Star>, and wanted to be a guest on the show, especially for the “Hot Body” episode. Never one to let things go, Kim Sook asks her how she thinks she’d rank if she had been a guest on that episode with Kang Ye-bin, Yoobin, Yang Ji-won, and Song Hae-na.

Jun Hyo-seong diplomatically replies that those four have different body types. They are all tall and sleek while Jun Hyo-sung is short and “full.” And once again, Jun Hyo-seong makes a reference to her large chest.


Apparently, once news broke about Jun Hyo-seong being the new co-MC, there were tons of comments on the <Video Star> homepage saying they’re looking forward to seeing Jun Hyo-seong on the show. Park Na-rae accuses her company of writing those positive comments for her. Jun Hyo-seong plays along and says maybe they wrote one or two.


Jun Hyo-seong concludes her introduction with a sexy chair dance. Park Na-rae says she can hear the show ratings going up already. They promise to put on bikinis if the show reaches 1% or higher in ratings.

The Guests


Meanwhile, the guests are getting cranky having to wait through the extra MC intro.

This week’s guests are Bada, Stephanie (CSJH), Solbi, and Solbin (Laboum). Just like on <Radio Star>, the guests sit left to right from most well-known to least.


The MCs make it pretty obvious that Bada’s the main guest because the first thing the MCs do is give Bada congratulatory flowers for heㄱ upcoming S.E.S. 20 year reunion and a body wash set for getting a new boyfriend nine years her junior.

Newbie Solbin’s Introduction


Being a newbie, Solbin, asks if she can introduce herself formally to her seniors. She does a cute heart intro, and Bada wonders if she has to give her some allowance, like she’s a little kid, but settles for a hug instead.

Bada’s Advice for Jeon Hyo-seong

In her pre-show interview, Bada told the writers that she thinks Jun Hyo-seong needs to create a definite character. Does she want to go the comedic route like Park Na-rae or the musical route like Bada? Kim Sook asks Bada for more advice, while horror music plays in the background.


Bada says, “Jeon Hyo-seong’s so pretty she has the capability to capture both male and female viewers, but she needs to tone down her coy act. Just laugh, don’t cover your mouth with your hands.”

Jun Hyo-seong protests that she only does it because she wants to hide her gums. Stephanie, “Then go to the dentist!” Bada says her gums are charming and that she’ll do a good job because she’s smart. Stephanie, “You mean she’s sly!”

Poor Jun Hyo-seong’s getting ganged up on by her seniors. All she can do is laugh.

Solbi’s Advice for Video Star

During her pre-show interview, Solbi asked the writers, “I heard they gave fried chicken to the guests last time. What are we getting?” Solbi thought that <Video Star> was a food show, and tries to convince the MCs that they should serve food every episode because it’s a good way to stand out from <Radio Show>.

Solbin’s Role Model

Solbin told the <Radio Star> writers that her role model is Lee Hyori. Bada retorts, “Solbin must think she is not a good singer.” Oof. Bada is being so snarky today. I guess the S.E.S / Fin.K.L. rivalry isn’t dead yet.

Kim Sook asks why she didn’t choose one of the senior singers there as her role model. Solbin’s sweating bullets trying to explain herself. She says it’s because she’s tan just like Lee Hyori, but Stephanie is tan too. Solbin stutters, “Well I want to have good stage performance.” Bada prances around the set showing off her performance skills.


Stephanie, “Let’s hear your third excuse.” Solbin mumbles, “Well…she’s good at variety shows…and…and… I want to live in Jeju Island too.” LOL. The senior singers finally accept her answer because you can’t argue with facts. Lee Hyori does live on Jeju Island, and Solbin sighs visibly.

Solbi the Soldier

The ladies watch a highlight reel of Solbi’s most pitiful moments from <Real Men> including her attempts to gulf down radish kimchi. That scene was so pitiful that Lee Si-young’s father sent her some of his own homemade kimchi.


Her other <Real Men> costar, Seo In-young, mentioned on <Radio Star> that she felt so bad watching Solbi try to eat radishes with laminated teeth. Solbi, “How did she know my teeth are laminated?” Stephanie and Park Na-rae are like, “It’s obvious.”

Jun Hyo-seong was also on <Real Men> so she says she knows how Solbi feels. Being on the show made her feel grateful for having such an easy life…at least compared to soldiers.

Solbin the Dancing Jukebox

Solbin says she knows most idol dances because she sees them every week while MCing for Music Bank. She does a “Random Play” mission and dances to “Russian Roulette,” “Whatta Man,” “Chewing Gum,” and “Goodnight Kiss.”


Solbin says she wants to learn how to do a sexy dance from Jeon Hyo-sung and a comedic dance from Park Na-rae.

Jeon Hyo-seong says she’s lacking power. She should make better use of her hair and demonstrates the “bend and snap.”


Park Na-rae shows off her krumping skills which is just a poor imitation of a gorilla pounding on its chest.

SM Rankings

Bada says CEO Lee Soo-man’s first daughter is S.E.S., his second daughter is Boa, and third is SNSD. Stephanie, “What about CSJH?!” Bada quickly takes it back and adds CSJH to her list.

Stephanie says that CEO Lee Soo-man worked really hard to make them the next DBSK. He personally picked out everything for their outfits including their fake eyelashes, so she feels bad for not living up to his expectations.


Bada says that the CEO was the same way with S.E.S., and he was responsible for coming up with her iconic hairstyle. It’s the one that Jung Eun-ji did in <Reply 1997>. It was so popular back then that even Park Na-rae did it.

S.E.S. 20th Anniversary Reunion

Bada says that surprisingly Eugene is the most enthusiastic about the upcoming reunion. Even though she’s now an established actress, she’s been working hard practicing her singing.

While Jun Hyo-seong and Solbin were girl group trainees, they practiced a lot of S.E.S. songs.


Bada, Jun Hyo-seong, and Solbin dance to S.E.S’s “I’m Your Girl,” and they are surprisingly well coordinated for never having practiced together.

Bada’s Love Story

Bada’s known her boyfriend for almost three years, but they were originally just friends who attended the same church. Bada didn’t really notice him because he is so much younger than her (nine years). However, at a mutual friend’s birthday party, he started talking to her, saying he’s never seen her so tired. That made her realize that he had been paying attention to her all that time.

Next week: It’s a continuation of this week’s guests.


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