Video Star Recap: Episode 22

Video Star Recap: Episode 22
Episode 22: Heart Attack Sweet Gangsters Special: December 6, 2016

Today’s guests are sweet gangsters who steal your hearts. They are:

  • Seo Ha-joon: The male Cinderella of <Aurora Princess> fame, hard carried <The Flower in Prison>, and is best friends with Shinee’s Onew and Nam Bora, but looks much older.
  • Woo Ji-won: Basketball legend from the 1990s, but is now just a Seo Jang-hoon wannabe.
  • KCM: 12 year veteran and fashion terrorist. AKA as the big chest man.
  • Rowoon: Part of FNC’s first male dance group, SF9. Is 189 cm tall.
  • Jang Young-ran: The original happy virus.

Seo Ha-joon Introduction

Jun Hyo-seong is the same age as Seo Ha-joon. The MCs comment that he really does look older than his age.

His friend Nam Bora, who was on <Radio Star> previously, recommended him. This is Seo Ha-joon’s first variety show appearance in two years.

The MCs ask who he’s most afraid of out of the four MCs. He’s scared of Kim Sook and says that Jun Hyo-seong seems like a talented maknae. Kim Sook asks if this is his attempt at hitting on her. He praises her for being so good at singing, dancing, acting, variety, etc. The MCs ask what he knows of her. He’s seen her on SNL. Kim Sook asks about his thoughts on Park Na-rae. Seo Ha-joon, “Huh?”

Woo Ji-won Introduction

Woo Ji-won says he once showed Jun Hyo-seong his body, but was disappointed. Jun Hyo-seong, “Who me? If I saw it, I would remember.”  Woo Ji-won yells, “YOU SAW IT.”  Jun Hyo-seong is very flustered, she really doesn’t seem to remember.


They play a video clip from <Real Men> where Woo Ji-won is shirtless, and in it, Jun Hyo-seong is clapping like a seal.

Woo Ji-won says this is the first time he’s taken off his pants. The MCs quickly correct him, “You mean shirt, not pants!”

Jun Hyo-seong gives his body 8 points out of 10. Woo Ji-won is slightly disappointed with the score.


Woo Ji-won says he wanted to cheer loudly when he saw Jun Hyo-seoung’s performance in the military, but he had to act calm in front of the elders Park Chan-ho and Ryu Seung-soo. He gets a chance to do a redo, and claps and whoops while Jun Hyo-seong dances in front of him. It’s kind of weird to watch Hyo-seong having to act sexy in front of this old guy.

KCM Introduction

KCM has “C cup” chests. He says his chest is very supple and seems to be very proud of it. Most people’s chests sag with age, but his are very elastic.

He says his goal was to be able to hold a coin in between his chests, which he can do now.


Kim Sook timidly touches his shoulders. KCM grabs her hands and holds them over his chest. He’s not shy about it at all. She says they felt like a man and woman are together? Not sure what that’s supposed to mean. She says it feels peculiar.

Rowoon Introduction

Park So-hyun, “Lets move on to Rowoon.” Of course she’s going to try to get this idol boy group member more screen time.  SF9 debuted in October 5th of this year. Rowoon says they’re a group that is in between boys and men. He says his role model is not KCM, but Park Hyo-shin.


KCM says it’s okay because he likes Park Hyo-shin too. He puts his hand on Rowoon’s shoulder, but visually it kind of looks like he’s chiding him instead of encouraging him.

Rowoon is asked to choose between company coworker Seolhyeon and Jun Hyo-seong. He doesn’t want to offend anyone, so he stutters a lot while complimenting both saying they’re both beautiful, but ultimately chooses Jun Hyo-seong as prettier. She’s short and cute.

Jang Young-ran Introduction

Jang Young-ran claims she was supposed to be one of the <Video Star> MCs instead of Park Na-rae. Her agency CEO told her so.


The MCs ask their head PD if this is true. She shakes her head.

Kim Sook says they’ve been thinking of adding a fifth MC. Jang Young-ran asks the PD if it’s true that today is like an audition for her. She says yes, but I think they’re just pulling her leg.

Seo Ha-joon – The Flower in Prison

We then see a montage of Seo Ha-joon’s scenes from the drama <The Flower in Prison>. He says he felt his heart race when he was running while holding hands with Jin Se-yeon. Usually in dramas, it’s the man who leads while running, but in that scene it was the woman.


The MCs try to coax him to admitting feelings for Jin Se-yeon. He says he hasn’t kept in touch with her after the drama ended. He says she’s just a talented actress he respects. Kim-Sook, “Do you fill your feelings through the TV?” Seo Ha-joon, “No, I just feel happy for her.”

He sends a video letter to her. “Hello Jin Se-yeon. Thank you for helping me during the filming. I wish you success.” After the MCs prompt him to say I love you, he makes the heart symbol with his fingers.

The MCs tell him to reenact the running scene.


Jun Hyo-seong randomly starts adjusting her clothes. She must expect herself to be the one to do it. She accidentally hits him in the head tho while trying to get him to duck.

Woo Ji-won the Actor

Woo Ji-won says he wants to be the first professional athlete to turn professional actor. He’s been taking acting classes and reenacts a scene from <Very Ordinary Couple>. It’s a scene where he’s fighting with his girlfriend. He’s kind of stiff, but he tries so hard, that the MCs can’t say anything bad. They all try not to laugh at his shaky pronunciation.


KCM takes the fall and says Woo Ji-won’s monologue sounded like a 90s Korean rapper from R.ef.

Seo Ha-joon says he was really good. He noticed that he flubbed his lines but was able to continue without missing a beat.

Rowoon the Actor

Park So-hyun again says lets let Rowoon talk more. Rather than Seo Ha-joon, Rowoon says he’s a fan of Joo-won. He looks at KCM and says, “Seo Ha-joon is such a good actor . . . I heard that he’s very considerate of the staff members. ” Rowoon’s so nervous, he’s getting everyone mixed up. He stutters a lot.


He also wants to try acting so he does a scene from <Jealousy Incarnate>. Kim Sook sips some water, Jang Young-ran puts on lipstick. Both want to be his scene partner. Park So-hyun says to choose between Jun Hyo-seong and Seo Ha-joon. She wants to protect him from the old ajummas. Rowoon picks, “sunbae-nim~”

The scene reenactment between Rowoon and Seo a-joon is a bit boring. They need a woman. Jang Young-ran says lets do rock-papers-scissors.

Jang Young-ran and Woo Ji-won try the scene next. Woo Ji-won gets flustered because Park Na-ra and Kim Sook keep pushing them closer and closer together.

KCM Fainting

KCM tells a story of a time when he was singing a song and had to hold a note for a long time. He almost fainted. His latest song also requires a lot of stamina. He sings his song live.


After hearing KCM sing, Rowoon says he’s switched his role model from Park Hyo-shin to KCM.

Jang Youn-ran’s Reactions

Jang Young-ran teaches how to do reactions to variety newbie Rowoon. She claims she’s the best at reactions. First, when someone’s not funny, you still have to laugh, but don’t overreact because you’ll look out of place. She shows a short laugh. Second, when someone is relatively funny clap a few times. Third, when very funny, clap like a seal and laugh like you’re out of breath.


Everyone tries the reactions. Jang Young-ran is pleased.

Seo Ha-joon’s Complex

Seo Ha-joon says he’s unhappy with his eyes and the way he smiles. His eyes sag, are small, and disappear when he smiles.


He says he’s confident in his body though. Park Na-rae shows his shirtless photos from his social media. There’s a photo of him wearing a tank top in October. Park Na-rae asks if he’s posing just to show off his arms.

His friend, actress Nam Bora wrote a comment, “Put on some clothes.”

KCM snickers.

KCM’s Hot Body

KCM wanted to put a nude photo for his album photo cover, but his agency CEO wouldn’t let him.


Seo Ha-joon laughs at the photo for revenge.

KCM explains that his body was really good back then, and he wanted to take a photo to keep it as a memory. There’s actually another completely nude photo, but they can’t show it on air.

KCM tells a story of when he almost died in a car crash, but says he survived because of his chests. KCM, “These are like air bags.” He was sleeping lying down in the back of the car. He was about to fly out the windshield, but his chests hit the front seats and stopped him. I guess he wasn’t wearing his seat belts.

Muscle Man Contest

Since three of the guests are known for their good bodies, the MCs insist on a strength contest. It’s a battle between an actor, athlete, and singer.


It starts with arm wrestling. Seo Ha-joon versus Woo Ji-won. Seo Ha-joon wins in about two seconds. There’s an audible crack in Woo Ji-won’s arm.

Seo Ha-joon versus KCM. KCM says he’s never lost at arm wrestling. Seo Ha-joon looks like he’s about to win easily, but KCM was just playing him. KCM wins.


Next is squats while holding Rowoon on his shoulders.

Woo Ji-won does ten, but he’s a little shaky.

Seo Ha-joon does ten easily, saying, “I’ve never done squats before.” What a show-off.

Next, the two men try doing squats while lifting KCM who weighs 90 kg. Both manage to do ten squats, but Seo Ha-joon looks like he has a hard time doing it.

Jang Young-ran picks the best muscle man who is . . . Seo Ha-joon.

Woo Ji-won vs Ahn Jung-hwan

Woo Ji-won says Ahn Jung-hwan was once a national star, but now he’s just a fat ahjussi. Woo Ji-won met with him and asked why he doesn’t take better care of himself. Ahn Jung-hwan said he just wants to eat what he wants and be happy. Woo Ji-won says that’s pathetic. >.<


Park So-hyun says the only other idol as tall as Rowoon is Pentagon’s Woosuk. We see a scene from his web drama with AOA’s Mina. In it, he’s showing her how to bat properly.


He does the same pose with Park So-hyun. Jang Young-ran, “Let’s all try this once.”

Seo Ha-joon and Rowoon try it too. The MCs find it hilarious. Seo Ha-joon is shy pretending like he doesn’t know how to swing a bat properly. MCs joke that they’ll be best friends by the time this show is over. They should film something together with Woo Ji-won and KCM singing on the soundtrack.

Gangnam F4

Nam Bora and Park Jin-ju sent a text message to Park Na-rae saying that Seo Ha-joon is a club delinquent. Up until he officially debuted, he hung out at a lot of clubs in Gangnam.

He shows off his dance moves.


KCM the Fashion Terrorist

The MCs shows some past photos of KCM. He’s still proud of his chest. He’s not embarrassed, but he wouldn’t dress that way now that he’s old. He brought some of his clothes and wants Rowoon to try them on.


Rowoon wears the clothes and dances around in them, but doesn’t lift his arms up much. His company told him not to show his armpits. LOL.

The MCs also get Rowoon to do the David Gandy pose.

Woo Ji-won does it too with a basketball.

Seo Ha-joon’s Ideal Type

Seo Ha-joon’s ideal woman is a career woman who leads. He has dated someone eight years older, and generally prefers older women.

He calls one of his good friends, A Pink’s Eunji. She’s in Taiwan. She says, “He’s the kind of person who thinks he’s really good-looking.” LOL.

Jun Hyo-seong asks if there’s a time when he asked her to introduce her to an A Pink member. She says yes, but I think she’s just joking for the sake of

The episode ends with the guests all saying that they had a great time on the show.


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