Video Star Recap: Episode 23

Video Star Recap: Episode 23
Episode 23: Don’t Forget Me Special: December 13, 2016

The four MCs chatter about all the guests who’ve became more popular after appearing on <Video Star>. There was actress Park Jin-ju, Gu Sae-bom, and rapper Kisum who even got her own radio show.

Hopefully the same will happen for today’s guests who are people who’ve been hiding in the water like a deep-sea fish. They were once popular, but not anymore. The guests are:

  • Kim Jin: The “Hello Man” from the sitcom <3 Men, 3 Women>. A 23 year veteran.
  • Yang Mi-ra: Was a High Teen star along with Shin Mina and Kim Min-hee. Was co-MCs with the top presenters Kim Yong-man, Park Soo-hong, Kim Kook-jin, and Yoo Jae-suk. Known for her unique looks.
  • Ahn Hye-kyung: The first generation Ulzzang weathercaster. Wants to be known as an actress, but is just known as Lee Hyori and Park Si-yeon’s best friend. 
  • Lee Soo-wan: That guy from <Surprise>. A 14 year old veteran who has a long way to go for public recognition. 

Kim Jin Introduction

He tells the viewers not to think this is not a rerun. 

Yang Mi-ra Introduction

She’s on <Tribe of Hip-Hop 2>. She knows that she’s not a great rapper, but she has a unique voice like rapper Hash Swan. She says she sounds like she’s high on drugs. Kim Jin, “Is it okay to say that on air?” Yang Mi-ra, “What? Why not? It’s not like I actually do drugs.”

Ahn Hye-kyung Introduction

Ahn Hye-kyung is really pretty. The MCs note this, and she humbly replies that the MCs look even better than her.

She’s been doing a play and have been asking the MCs to come watch for months, but they haven’t yet. She asks Park Na-rae to come this Sunday at three pm. Park Na-rae, “Uh . . .”

Lee Soo-wan Introduction

Kim Jin says that he used to be the host for <Surprise>, and so he knows Lee Soo-hwan well. Back then, he was as famous as Lee Jung-jae or Jung Woo-sung.

Ahn Hye-kyung was also a host and adds that kids these days don’t understand if you explain it like that. She corrects Kim Jin and says that Lee Soo-hwan was like Kim Woo-bin, Kim Soo-hyun, or Park Bo-geum’s level.

Who is That?

The MCs call today’s show a gamble since their viewers don’t know who the guests are, but the guests all claim that they’re well-known. Ahn Hye-kyung even claims that she lost her voice due to being so busy with work.

To prove that people really have forgotten them, the MCs take out photos from social media where people ask for the names of random celebrities.

There’s a photo from a music show where someone asked who is that? It’s Kim Jin and Kim So-yeon. 

There’s another photo of Yang Mi-ra where someone asks who this female celebrity is. Yang Mi-ra says she doesn’t have much fat under her eyes, so she looks wide-eyed and scary in all her photos. She says she hasn’t gotten any plastic surgery on her eyes. 

Another person asks who’s the one wearing blue? It’s Ahn Hye-kyung. She’s okay with that. That photo didn’t really look much like her anyways. 

Kim Jin countered to the writers by saying that the MCs aren’t that famous either. Park So-hyun only has her radio show and one other tv program, Kim Sook is only famous off of one show, Park Na-rae failed on <Gag Concert>, and Jun Hyo-seong is just “gums.” He jokes that he only spoke harshly because he’s close with Park So-hyun and Kim Sook. 

Park Na-rae asks, “Then what about me?”

Kim Jin, “I want to be close with you too.” LOL. This guy is really funny.

Yang Mi-ra’s Diss Rap

Yang Mi-ra prepared an MC diss rap. She says “God” Kim Sook backwards is just Sook “Leave.”

“Can’t leave Park Na-rae’s bar.”

“Park So-hyun, it’s time to leave your mother’s house.”

Nothing for Jun Hyo-seong? I wish she’d get more screen time.

MC Forgetful (Park So-hyun) does a counter rap, and says she can’t even remember Yang Mi-ra.

Lee Soo-wan’s <Comedy Big League>

Lee Soo-wan told the writers that he once went to say hello to Park Na-rae on <Comedy Big League>. She ignored him, but he didn’t really care because he likes Jang Do-yeon more than Park Na-rae anyways.

Park Na-rae explains she went to say hello to him first because she’s a fan of <Surprise>, but the timing was off so she missed him. 

He says that it’s amazing that someone so pretty and thin like Jang Do-yeon can throw away her beautiful image like that.

Park So-hyun, “But Park Na-rae is the one who throws her image away the most.”

Lee Soo-hwan “allegedly” told the writers that Park Na-rae should just come up with sketches and give them to Jang Do-yeon. Lee Soo-hwan, “No. no. I didn’t say it like that. I just like Jang Do-yeon, so I wish you could mentor her more.”

Park Na-rae, “Do you have a crush on Jang Do-yeon or something?”

Lee Soo-hwan, “I do.” Aw.

Kim Jin’s Bed Scene with Park So-hyun

Kim Jin once had a bed scene with MC Park So-hyun on <Kiss and the City>. She was just a nuna to him, so he didn’t feel anything. 

Park Na-rae asks, “What about the time you two held hands for forty minutes on a plane to Guam?

Park So-hyun, “I don’t even remember going to Guam with him.”

Kim Jin tells the story. They was a lot of turbulence. Everyone was screaming. Babies were crying. Kim Jin was scared, but Park So-hyun was just sleeping peacefully. He wondered if he should wake her up. Eventually, he did and asked if he could hold her hand because he was terrified. She said okay and stuck her hand out from out of the blanket. Kim Jin says he felt relieved while holding hands.

He felt more emotional then than when they had a bed scene together. 

Park So-hyun, “So have you ever had feelings towards me as a woman?”

Kim Jin, “No.”

Jun Hyo-seong, “Then what about as a man?”

Kim Jin, “What the?!. . . Young kids these days ask such weird questions.”

Kim Jin on <3 Men 3 Women>

He was on the hugely popular sitcom <3 Men, 3 Women> where he played a novelty role where he just said “hello” and that was pretty much his only line. The MCs compare his old looks to EXO’s Chanyeol. 

He says he thinks he looked better than him. 

Park So-hyun, “Really?”

Yang Mi-ra the CF Queen

Yang Mi-ra became famous off of a hamburger commercial. Her line “I’m burger girl” was an ad lib. From then on, whenever she did CFs, they would be blank spots in the script. She was stressed out by the expectations to come up with her own lines. 

She also did an Anycall cellphone CF with Jeon Ji-heon. The “Eh~” at the end was an ad-lib.

She did so many CFs back then that she paid 100 million won (~100,000 USD) in taxes in her heyday.

Ahn Hye-kyung the Weathercaster

We get a montage of Ahn Hye-kyung’s weather reports. It seems like it’s from a long, long time ago. The makeup style is so out of date. The MCs comment that she looks like Heo Soo-kyung.

The <Jealousy Incarnate> writer asked her and several weathercasters for interviews before writing the drama. The part where Gong Hyo-jin fails an announcer interview and becomes a weathercaster is based on Ahn Hye-kyung’s own experience. 

Park Na-rae, “Then was there also a Jo Jung-suk in your life?”

Ahn Hye-kyung, “No! Never!”

She does a forecast report which is pretty decent. She has a really nice voice. She says she was bit nervous though.

Lee Soo-wan’s <Surprise>

The longest running programs in Korea are <Surprise> and <Snapshot! What On Earth!which Park So-hyun’s been hosting for 18 years. 

The acting quality isn’t as important in <Surprise> since the actors just do reenactments, but Lee Soo-hwan says it’s cool how he gets a chance to play so many different roles. He’s done every kind of character including a schizophrenic and a serial killer. He’s also had a lot of kiss scenes with pretty actresses. 

Lee Soo-wan does reenactments of waking up suddenly after a nightmare, being surprised, and being caught cheating. All of them look the same. Budging eyes. 

Also, he doesn’t have a lot of lines, because there’s usually back ground music and narration over his scenes. 

Lee Soo-wan talks about how he left <Surprise> and quit the show suddenly. He quit because he felt like he was at a standstill. He didn’t even tell the staff members, and just started to ignore their phone calls one day. He’s apologetic and sends a video message to the production crew. “I’m sorry for causing havoc, I hope you get to episode 1000, and I’ll work hard to be a person worthy of congratulating you then.”

Kim Jin the CF King

From 1997-1998, Kim Jun got a lot of CF deals and the producer of those CFs even used Kim Jin as a “model” on <3 Men, 3 Women>. He’s very thankful to that producer.

Yang Mi-ra yawns. Kim Jin, “!!!!!!” These two are so funny together, like bickering siblings. I wish they would be on TV more. 

Kim Jin says that after he becomes famous like Kim Sook’s level, he’d like to do two more CFs for free for that producer out of gratitude. He can’t do them now though, because he’d just be a burden due to his low public recognition.

He also talks about the time when he was working with Yang Mi-ra and she suddenly didn’t show up for a recording. 

Yang Mi-ra tells the story of how she was so busy back then that she only got to sleep two-three hours a day. She wanted to take a break, but her manager told her that she couldn’t unless she was sick or got hurt. So one day while at a two story restaurant, she decided to throw herself down the stairs. Unfortunately, or fortunately, she’s pretty strong, so she wasn’t hurt much. She went to the hospital for a day, but the PD told her to stop playing sick and come back to work. 

Kim Jin yawns in the middle, “I’m a bit sleepy.” It’s so funny how petty this guy is. 

Kim Jin, “I’m worried that Kim Sook will do the same. . . “

Kim Sook, “I don’t even have time to take the stairs.”

Yang Mi-ra vs Shin Min-ah

Yang Mi-ra, Shin Min-ah, and Kim Hyo-jin were all good friends, but at the time, Shin Min-ah wasn’t as famous. Shin Min-ah’s name was originally Yang Min-ah, but she often got confused for Yang Mi-ra who was much more famous, so she decided to change her surname.

Yang Mi-ra says that Shin Min-ah sounds a lot better than Yang Min-ah anyways.

Plastic Surgery

Yang Mi-ra had to take a break because of a failed plastic surgery operation. She says she only got her nose done. Park Na-rae checks to see if she’s lying. She’s had a lot of plastic surgery, so she would know. 

Yang Mi-ra says that her face just kind of changed on it’s own, due to a better hairstyle, etc, but she got so much flack for her changing looks, that she decided to take a break from the entertainment industry.

Lee Soo-wan says he got some plastic surgery too because he wanted to quit acting. He wanted to be a different person.

Kim Sook and Park Na-rae, “Ahn Hye-kyung, don’t you have anything to add?”

Ahn Hye-kyung, “Nope.”

Kim Jin, “So that’s why you guys all took a break. I rested to chase my dreams but you guys! Plastic Surgery! Hmph!”

Lee Soo-wan’s Financials

Lee Soo-wan took a break for three years and had zero income. He was also scammed while trying to start a restaurant abroad. He lost the money he saved up for eleven years. In 2013, he had a professor fan who told him to change his name for fortune, but he actually ended up doing worse. His name was originally Lee Joong-seong.

He says he has no regrets about changing his name. He’s waiting for a turning point. 

He’s been employed for four days now as a shopping show host. He’s a salaryman now. The audition process was really competitive. It was 1200 to 1 . He memorized 80 product item names. He does a bit of an skit for selling an exercise tool. It’s funny how he can barely do it himself. Lee Soo-wan finishes the skit though by saying just a couple a day is enough. It seems like he’s a quick thinker.

More Kim Jin

Kim Jin says that like Lee Soo-wan, he also faced a plataeu. Everyone’s so talented, but he didn’t know what he was good at. Yang Mi-ra’s looking tired again. Kim Sook jokes that she’s going to yawn again. 

The MCs joke that Park So-hyun and Kim Jin will be the next Kim Gook-jin & Kang Su-ji couple.

Kim Jin, “Nuna has a different ideal type.”

Ahn Hye-kyung

She’s been in over 20 productions as an actress, but people still don’t recognize her.

She often gets told that she looks like Ahn Hye-kyung. She says she looks much better in real life. She’s skinnier and has a smaller face.

Her rankings for the deep-sea fish are (as in the worst public recognition)

  • 4th: herself
  • 3rd: Yang Mi-ra
  • 2nd: Lee Soo-wan
  • 1st: Kim Jin
Lee Soo-wan and Ra Mi-ran’s Friendship

Lee Soo-wan and Ra Mi-ran were good friends before they were stars. They were in the chorus of various musicals together. She made a lot of sexual jokes. Kim Sook says that she doesn’t say that kind of stuff, “Maybe she only talks about that with men?”

Lee Soo-wan says that Ra Mi-ran gave him some words of encouragement. It took 22 years for Ra Mi-ran to get famous. 

Kim Jin’s Menopause

The writer asked Kim Jin if he used public transportation, but he yelled at the writer, “Hey! I have a car.” The MCs ask if he has male menopause. Why else would he get irrationally angry? Kim Jin explains that at the time he was being asked if he was too poor to take public transportation and had to walk everywhere.

Yang Mi-ra’s friends 

The cast members of the sitcom <Jump> still meet up. Some of the stars include Kim Sun-ah. Kim Kyeong-shik, Go-soo, Yoon Tae-yong, and Seo Kyeong-suk, Go Soo is the group’s accountant and he collects membership fees for meals. Yang Mi-ra says that she wan’t originally part of the meetup and had lost contact with the group, but ran into Kim Sun-ah randomly on the street and found out that the <Jump> cast members meet up. She’s been attending their meetings regularly ever since.

Yang Mi-ra also randomly shares her talent for breaking apples by kicking. She misses, hits the floor with her foot, and screams out in pain. 

She goes for a second attempt. She misses again. 

Infinite Girls / Muhan Girls

Ahn Hye-kyung was originally part of the pilot for <Muhan Girls>, but she had the actor’s disease and quit before the regular season began. She regrets it because the show did so well. If she had done it, she would be a <Video Star> MC. I think the shows have the same producer. She says she’d interested in doing more variety shows. She wants to do <The Greatest Love>. She says she’d do it with Kim Jin.

The MCs suggest Kim Jin do <We Got Married> with Park So-hyun. She asks him who he’d choose between Ahn Hye-kyung and Park So-hyun. He chooses So-hyun because the viewers would like it better. 

Lee So-wan the Singer

He once released a song. Jun Hyo-seong says she remembers him. Lee Joong-seong the singer. He wrote the song and made a decent amount in writer’s fee. 

He’s been interested in writing since then. 

Closing Thoughts

Kim Jin, “I had a lot of fun and a lot of laughs. Since this special is for unknowns, I’ll work hard to be a better person.”

Yang Mi-ra, “I was really worried, but got a lot of positive energy today, I’ll work hard now to spread that energy.”

Ahn Hye-kyung, “It was good to see everyone after such a long time.” 

Lee So-wan, “Now that I’ve started a new job as a show host, I’m sorry to my acting fans, and please support me in my new endeavor.”


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