Video Star Recap: Episode 27

Video Star Recap: Episode 27
Episode 27: I’m Sorry I Didn’t Recognize You, Global Prince Special: January 10, 2017

The show opens with some good news. <Video Star> has been downloaded 300,000,000 times? I think that’s the number the MCs said, but that sounds way too high.

Unfortunately though, the show hasn’t gotten to 1% ratings yet, even though the reruns have passed 1%. The MCs remind the viewers of their promise to put on bikinis if their original broadcast gets to 1%. The MCs then say they should try to take the show global, and each MC has something to say to whatever country she wants to promote in.

Park So-hyun starts by putting on the red bindi dot and says, “Namaste Video Star. Indo! Indo! Park So-hyun!” Kim Sook says to Africa, “Oogachooga Video Star” . . . this is starting to get pretty insensitive. Park Na-rae continues on by singing a song in fake French. Jun Hyo-seong ends the global promotion attempts by saying, “Siva siva Video Star become famous!” which is her take on Russian.

Park So-hyun says that today’s show has five global top stars as guests. Park Na-rae interrupts saying, “Don’t you meant four global stars?” One guy isn’t as famous.

The guests are

  • Koo Jun-yup – Debuted in 1996 with Clon. Was the first to start the Hallyu Wave in Taiwan. A 50 year old baldy.
  • Kim Hyung-jun – the unknown maknae who was buried during his SS501 days due to his more popular hyungs. Has been to Japan, Singapore, China, Taiwan, Iran, Peru, Mexico, Bolivia, Thailand, and Chile. Prince of nine countries. 
  • Daehyun – Had a number one hit on the 2016 Billboard World Chart. Won the MTV EMAs Best Korean Act two years in a row. Prince of 16 countries.
  • Kang Tae-oh – A members of 5urprise who’s buried under Seo Kang-joon. Is famous in Vietnam for <Forever Young>.
  • Kim Dae-hee – Tried to go to many countries throughout his 17 year career. He tried Japan, but failed. He tried China, but failed there too. Is the father of three daughters, and still practicing for his global debut.
Introduction in Foreign Languages

Since today is all about global princes, the guests are asked to introduce themselves in a foreign language.

Koo Jun-yup speaks in Chinese and English.

Kim Hyung-jun says hello in Spanish. 

Daehyun says Hola too and explains that in Mexico, people speak in a more animated way. Kim Hyung-jun tries again, this time with more energy. He’s a bit of a one-upper. 

Kang Tae-oh introduces himself in Vietnamese.

Kim Dae-hee says in Chinese, “I’m a famous Korean comedian, but I’m not funny.” Also, he’s Park Na-rae’s agency CEO, and complements her for doing a good job on the opening.

Koo Jun-yup Introduction

Park So-hyun and Koo Jun-yup have kissed before, and Koo Jun-yup told the writers that he couldn’t stop thinking about it for three days. He explains that this was when he did a cameo on <Kiss and the City>. He wanted to do a good job, so he went for a deep kiss like they were really dating, and was a bit surprised that Park So-hyun went along with it and handled things like a pro. 

This was about eight years ago, and Koo Jun-yup says that was his most recent kiss. The MCs don’t believe him. Park So-hyun says she even saw him kiss someone else afterwards. She adds that Kim Hyung-jun was there too. They saw him at the club kissing a woman there. Koo Jun-yup says, “I don’t remember” which is a popular catchphrase these days from the Choi Soon-shil congressional hearings.

Kim Hyung-jun Introduction

Kim Hyung-jun kept bugging his manager to let him go on <Video Star>. He likes that he can say stuff on the show that he wouldn’t be able to talk about on terrestrial channels. Park Na-rae asks him about his last kiss. He says it was about one month ago, but he doesn’t have a girlfriend.

So it was with someone he wasn’t even dating? The MCs don’t let him go that easily and try to get him to offer more information. Was it with a some? Eventually he stammers,” No! It was just in my dreams!” 

So much for being able to talk about risque things. 

Kang Tae-oh Introduction

Kang Tae-oh says he’s just grateful for being able to film with Jun Hyo-seong because she’s so beautiful. Park Na-rae notes that he’s been avoiding making eye contact with her, so the MCs tell the two to hold hands and stare into each other’s eyes.

Kang Tae-oh blushes, but he’s having the time of his life right now. 

Daehyun Introduction

Daehyun told the writers that Jun Hyo-seong is like an ajumma. He explains that he meant no ill-will. She’s like an auntie because she’s always trying to feed her dongsaengs.

Kang Tae-oh takes a sip of water. The MCs joke that it’s because he’s trying to hold down his anger at his lovely Hyo-seong being called an ajumma.

Kim Dae-hee  Introduction

Kim Dae-hee says that he thought this was the CEO special. He would expect YG, SM, and JYP to be there with him. Park So-hyun says that he was invited to the Global Prince Special because of his valiant efforts to make it big abroad for the past 17 years.

He’s upset about sitting on the end of the table when he should be second due to his age. Also, he’s stuck on the very end with 2/3 of his body hanging off the table.

Kim Dae-hee is one year older than Kim Sook, but is her junior by two KBS classes. He told the writers that he thinks she’s a crazy person. He denies it and clarifies that he called her a crazy bitch and not a crazy person.

That’s because back when he debuted at KBS in 1999, he hadn’t even seen Kim Sook on TV, but she’d act like the boss. Whenever he ran into in the hallway, she would call him out by glaring and asking, “Are you crazy?” Kim Dae-hee would apologize, “I’m sorry,” then Kim Sook would be like, “Okay” and just walk away.


The MCs put on gloves to take a look at everyone’s passports. 

Koo Jun-yup has been to Canada and America. The first time he went abroad to Taiwan, he tried everything to make his performances dramatic like ripping his clothes and throwing the mic. It’s because of him that kimchi become exported to Taiwan. Kim Dae-hee notes that back in 1999, he was busy getting yelled at by Kim Sook while at the same time, Koo Jun-yup was a star in Taiwan.

Kim Hyung-jun has four passports. Kim Dae-hee says he’d be popular in Iran because he looks a bit Middle Eastern. 

Kim Hyung-jun notes that Sistar’s Dasom, Park Seo-jun, and Ji Jin-hee were able to go abroad because of him. They were all on the TV drama, <I Summon You, Gold!> which became popular in Japan because of him. 

We get to see Daehyun and Kang Tae-oh’s passport photos too. 

Kang Tae-oh became famous in Vietnam while doing the collaboration drama <Forever Young> Season 1 and 2. In season 1, he was an idol trainee, but unfortunately doesn’t dance well in real life, even though he’s in charge of dancing in 5urprise. He says that’s only because he’s the least bad at dancing out of the group. He shows off his club dancing skills, which is just him swinging his arms around like the Tin Man from Wizard of Oz.

Jun Hyo-seong gets up and dances with him. He’s blushing.

Kim Dae-hee went to China twice, once to Beijing for a filming and another time to Xi’an for a movie filming. He was offered to debut as a singer by songwriter Lee Sang-jun who he was in the army with. 

He sings a bit of his Chinese song.

Koo Jun-yup’s Fame

The MCs notes that Koo Jun-yup ripped his clothes off during performances even before 2PM starting doing it. He was also the first Korean to have a solo concert in China. A super rich fan of his came from Singapore where she was studying to see him. He didn’t meet her though, because he was worried there was too much of a gap. 

A famous female singer also hit on Kang Tae-oh. One of his female cast mates was friends with the singer and brought him to the filming site.

The MCs ask if she’s prettier than Jun Hyo-seong. He goes the safe route by saying they’re both pretty in different ways, but the MCs insist that he needs to pick one. Eventually, he picks Jun Hyo-seong. 

Kim Hyung-jun vs Michael Jackson

Kim Hyung-jun claims that he’s Michael Jackson level in Bolivia. Yeah . . . sure you are. He says he’s so popular there that he almost died at the airport. He was the first Korean singer to go to Bolivia, so there were hordes of fans waiting for him. He was almost mobbed.

He says he’s popular because he’s the prince of personality. He’ll do anything for his fans. He even cross dressed and sang to I.O.I’s “Pick Me” because his fans wanted it.

All five guys dance to the highlight of the song. Koo Jun-yup also shows off some of his dance moves, shuffling and krumping.

Kim Hyung-jun also brags about his body. The MCs play a clip from a sex scene he did in a drama which I think is <She’s Completely Insane> Most of it is mosaic-ed out. 

Daehyun’s Thighs

Daehyun says his complex is the wrinkle on the bridge of his nose. Since he sings a lot of high parts, he ends up scrunching his nose while singing. His fans think it’s cute and want to sit in that wrinkle??? That’s weird. His fans also like his thighs. Some of his international fans take photos of just his thighs. He wears a lot of tight pants.

The MCs have the guests do thigh wrestling. The one wear two people face each other while one person uses his thighs to keep the other’s closed, while the other tries to open his. The first round is Kim Hyung-jun vs Daehyun. Kim Hyung-jun loses after only a second and says he was just being polite to his junior. Round two is Daehyun vs Kang Tae-oh. Tae-oh wins. 

Kang Tae-ho’s Aegyo

Kang Tae-ho’s fans like his aegyo. He doesn’t like to do it though. The MCs tell him to take turns doing it with Jun Hyo-seong. He then does it without hesitation. Next, Daehyun and Kim Hyung-jun and even Koo Jun-yup try their hand at “bbuing bbuing.” Kim Dae-hee is upset he wasn’t asked to do aegyo.

Daehyun wants to try acting. He became confident with acting with his eyes after trying it in his music video.

He tries to get the MCs to guess what he’s thinking with just his eyes. The first one is “Do you want to have some ramen?” The second one is, “Nuna, do you want to get stuck in the middle of my forehead?”

Actor Kim Tae-oh tries the same thing. He says with his eyes, “I’m in an awesome mood” and the next one is directed at Jun Hyo-seong, “Do you want to date me?”

Jun Hyo-seong replies with her eyes saying, “We’ll see.”

Jun Hyo-seong and Kang Tae-oh do another five second stare while holding hands. 

Koo Jun-yup’s Pick Up Skills

Koo Jun-yup says when you try to pick someone up at the club, you have to use your body, not your words. Too many people ask silly questions like, “Do you have time? Did you come with your friends?” They should instead just take the woman our for drinks since they can’t hear well in the club anyways. He sees a lot of failed pick-up attempts because he’s in the club often working as a DJ.

He reenacts what he means with Park So-hyun. He lifts her up on the table. Everyone’s shocked at how forward he is, but it works at making her heart flutter. She wraps her arm around his shoulder and they dance a bit.

Kang Tae-oh tries the same thing with Park Na-rae. He’s supposed to lift her up, but he’s too shy, so Park Na-rae just grabs him and puts him on the table instead.

Kang Tae-oh vs. Kang Seo-jun

Kang Tae-oh told the writers that Kang Seo-jun is less popular than him in Vietnam and Kang Seo-jun is uglier than Cha Eun-woo anyways. Uh? That’s really rude of him to say.

Btw . . . Daehyun is known for looking like Kang Seo-jun.

The MCs ask about Kang Ta-oh’s first kiss scene. He used too much lip and got an NG. He explains that he was greedy for a pretty kiss scene, while the director just wanted a peck. He had four to five NGs.


A lot of people don’t know the group name and just call Kim Hyung-jun’s subunit “I’m UR Man.” Even though their group name is SS301, and their song title was “U R Man.” It was so catchy that the song was ranked third for most banned song during college entrance exam periods. 

The top three songs are

  1. Shinee’s “Ring Ding Dong”
  2. Super Junior’s “Sorry, Sorry”
  3. SS301’s “U R Man”
Closing Thoughts

Koo Jun-yup says, “I saw a new side of Kim Hyung-jun and Kim Dae-hee tried really hard and . . .”

Kim Hyung-jun says, “The three of us recently came out with a new album, but we’ve been mostly promoting abroad, so I want to come back with my group members if I get the chance.”

Kang Tae-oh says, “This is the first time I’ve been this comfortable on a variety show during my five years since debut.”

Daehyun says, “I’m honored to have been invited on this show, and I made a lot of good memories today.”

Kim Dae-hee says, “I’m happier here than Radio Star because Park Na-rae did well and made me very comfortable.”



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