Video Star Recap: Episode 36

Video Star Recap: Episode 36

*Note: I was short on time, so I skipped a few of the stories towards the end of this episode. If I can I’ll try to add them later. 

Episode 36: Romanticist Golden Age: March 14, 2017

MC Park So-hyun recently fractured her ribs 😥 , so there’s a special MC today. It’s actress Park Jin-hee. Now that her kid is a bit older, she’s been appearing on TV more and more. She seems too kind-hearted to be a “Video Star” MC though. Park Jin-hee says said she watched the show and will use her actress skills to pretend like she’s been a “Video Star” MC all along.

Park Jin-hee announces, “Today’s guests are the type of men you should marry.”

Jun Hyo-seong interrupts, “Huh? I think you’re being too brash just because you’re already married. Really? Marry guys like them?” 

Sweet Park Jin-hee defends them, “Are you saying they aren’t good? They are someone’s precious children too.”

Park Na-rae asks, “Did you marry a romanticist too? When was the last time you did it?”

Park Jin-hee’s face freezes.

Kim Sook says, “You’re scaring the kid.”

Park Na-rae responds evilly, “I was talking about kissing.”

Park Jin-hee goes back to the script and introduces today’s guests. They are

  • Kim Hyung-kyu – Korea’s first generation VJ, a Seoul University Dentist, sexy brain and his wife’s manager, Kim Yuna’s (Jaurim) husband.
  • Kim Jae-woo – Got a second wind through his catchphrase “A man must be like a man to be a man,” SNS “#A Man’s Path” 
  • Hwang Jae-sung – laughter killer, talk killer, but is confident in creating laughter regarding his love talk. 
  • Yang Se-chan – The only single guy here, but has received endless love from Park Nae-rae.
  • Hwang Tae-kyung – 6 month newlywed, a successful clothing CEO, Video Star’s first non celebrity guest, Narsha’s husband. 
Physical Contact with Wife

The MCs ask everyone about what kind of physical contact they had with their wives this morning, right before coming to the show filming. 

Kim Hyung-kyu says he didn’t wake his wife because she’s been busy working these days. He would have felt too selfish waking her up. 

Kim Jae-woo says he doesn’t have a management company, so his wife did his makeup, but her skills aren’t so good because he just noticed that he has like eight dry patches on his face. 

Hwang Jae-sung says his wife came to see him off and he was wearing long underwear, black and gray, so the top and bottom didn’t match . . . so he was eight minutes late and got in trouble with his manager . . .  Yang Se-chan interrupts, “Isn’t eight minutes too short?”

Park Jin-hee covers her face with her hands. She’s blushing.

Hwang Jae-sung wraps things up by saying, “We had short, but strong physical contact.”

Hwang Tae-kyung says, “We showered together.” Cue more blushing.

Yang Se-chan says, “Well, I rubbed chins with my dogs.” After being prodded about the most recent time he had physical contact with a woman, he admits he kissed Park Na-rae on the cheek as part of their “Comedy Big League” sketch.

Couple Nicknames

Hwang Jae-sung says his wife has a pretty head shape, so he calls her Jjanggu and Alien. She calls him Hwangbeojuahram because he looks Arab?

Hwang Tae-kyung says, “Usually, it’s just honey, but in the morning, before we shower, she looks like Jeong In-kwon.”

Kim Yoon-ah tried to lobby for her husband to take Jun Hyo-seong’s spot during her appearance on “Video Star.” She said he looks pretty when he dresses up as a woman so it could work out. He’ s wearing the same outfit he wore when he met his wife for the first time at a DK fashion show in 1997. He says he collects clothes. 

Hwang Jae-sung’s Unfortunate Radio Star Appearance

Because of his infamous appearance on “Radio Star” on January 13, 2016, Hwang Jae-sung says he woke up screaming, “NOOOOOOO!!!!” for three days after that aired. He told the “Video Star” writers that he still doesn’t know what went wrong and things would have been fine if not for Kim Gura. 

He says he’s funny when people cheer him on, but when people start to criticize him he chokes even more. At the time, he didn’t really know Kim Gura well, so he didn’t know how to react to him. 

Yang Se-chan interrupts, “If you’re that weak mentally, you should just quit and learn a trade.”

Kim Jae-woo’s Take on Park Na-rae and Yang Se-chan

Kim Jae-woo says he was only joking the time he said that Park Na-rae and Yang Se-chan would make a good couple. He only said it for fun, but in reality, he thinks it would be terrible because Park Na-rae would suffer. It’s because although she may come off strong on TV, she’s actually quite sensitive. 

Yang Se-chan said Park Na-rae keeps trying to hit on him, but then he saw her do the same to other guys on broadcast. The MCs ask her if she prefers Tony Ahn or Yang Se-chan. Park Na-rae chooses Yang Se-chan. 

Park Na-rae says she heard from Yang Se-hyung that when she talked about his brother Yang Se-chan on air, he got annoyed at her for talking about him. But the next day when he saw the search rankings, he nodded in amusement.

Yang Se-chan explains that as a comedian he was happy. He also admits that it was Park Na-rae who helped him get famous.

Hwang Jae-sung says, “Your wife is really awesome.” Yang Se-chan replies,” She’s not my wife. She’s Park Na-rae.”

Hwang Tae-kyung and Narsha

When Narsha was on “Video Star” episode 26, they called Hwang Tae-kyung through a video call. He said he was shocked because of how loud it was. When he was trying to answer questions, other people kept asking more questions over him.

The day before filming, Narsha told him to follow her. She then took him to the nail shop. It was his first time getting his nails done. She said, “Follow me.” again and took him to get skin care. That was the first time in his life too. Today, she even did his makeup for him. The MCs compare Kim Jae-woo and Hwang Tae-kyung’s makeup. Only one looks like it was done by a professional. Narsha told him they’ll get soju and pork belly after filming.

Yang Se-chan says he sounds like actor Lee Sun-kyun, who’s known for his unique vocal tone. The MCS make him do the “Vongole Pasta” impersonation from the kdrama “Pasta.”

Pretending to be Single

Jun Hyo-seong notes, “Yang Se-chan wanted to know why do married men try to act like they’re single?” and has everyone show their hands to see if they’re wearing their wedding rings. 

None of them are wearing them. Yang Se-chan complains, “You brought on the worst men. This is a fake broadcast. This is why I don’t want to get married.”

Kim Jae-woo says, “After I got married, I went to the bathroom too many times to punch the wall. So my ring is dented.”

Hwang Tae-kyung says he never got wedding rings since everyone knows they’re married anyways and spent that money on a vacation instead. 

MC Park Jin-hee is wearing like ten rings, but none of them are her wedding ring. She says it’s the most expensive thing she owns, so she doesn’t wear it around out of fear she might lose it. The MCs ask about her husband. Park Jin-hee talks to herself, “Why doesn’t he wear it?” She then says she once asked her husband why he doesn’t wear his wedding ring. He said he would, but didn’t. She asks her husband through the camera again, “Why don’t you wear yours?!?!?!?”

Kim Hyeong-kyu’s Two Full Time Jobs

Kim Hyeong-kyu is a fool for his wife. He works for her as an actual paid job. He then hands out business cards to the MCs and guests. He’s a department head at his wife’s talent agency. 

He takes care of Jaurim’s schedule and says it’s a lot of work. Even when he’s working with a patient at his dentist office, his phone is on fire with messages. 

Kim Jae-woo the SNS President

Kim Jae-woo took a break from TV for six months and started getting popular again for his posts on SNS for #A Man’s Path which he credits to his wife.

He’s a freelancer, so when he doesn’t have any work, he just sits at home on his couch, so his wife told him he should rest properly, and gave him money to go on vacation. He started to do SNS while traveling and came up with the idea for #A Man’s Path. His wife encouraged him saying good things would come, and they should pass on the good energy, so for his first CF after his hiatus, he donated half . . . and then he went to the bathroom and punched the wall. 

Kim Jae-woo also talked about a time he was he got upset at Hwang Jae-sung. Hwang Jae-sung called him for the first time in 1 year and 6 months just to ask him if he could use #A Man’s Path. Hwang Jae-sung then told him, “Even if you say no, I’m still going to do it.”

Hwang Jae-sung tries to explain himself, and Kim Jae-woo is like, “Then I’ll tell my side of the story after him, because because this bastard might change his story.” He actually uses the word bastard, and the PD has to beep it out. 

Hwang Jae-sung says he was doing the program “Secret Readers’ Club” and the topic was husband. Hwang Jae-sung’s wife thought Kim Jae-woo’s Instagram was funny and recommend it. He was so excited about the collaboration idea that when he called Kim Jae-woo, he just talked about the idea without saying hello properly. 

Kim Jae-woo says he was hurt because he didn’t even ask how he was doing. Hwang Jae-sung had actually asked, “What are you doing?” Kim Jae-woo replied, “I’m just taking a break at home.” Hwang Jae-sun replied, “I knew you would be.” Hwang Jae-sung shakes his head, still smarting from that diss.

At the MCs’ insistence, they hold hands and apologize. Kim Jae-woo then kisses Hwang Jae-sung on the lips. Hwang Jae-sung screams out in shock while Kim Jae-woo coolly takes a sip of water. 

Hwang Jae-sung and Wife’s Nicknames

Hwang Jae-sung then calls his wife, pretending he’s not currently filming on the show. The MCs want to see if she really does call him Hwangbeojuahram. His wife is like, “Honey Honey~ I was waiting for you call. Really~ Why do I always feel like we’re still dating.” Soooooooo much aegyu. The guests snicker at her super aegyo. Park Na-rae picks up the call and confirms that she really does call him that and has his number saved as Hwangbeojuahram in her phone. 

Yang Se-chan takes the phone and asks the wife about the mysterious eight minutes. The wife says he was wearing beige knit clothes. Park Na-rae tells her to check what they were talking about through the broadcast. Kim Jae-woo says, “You can only trust comedians half the time.”

Yang Se-chan’s Love Life

Apparently lots of people want to marry Yang Se-chan. The MCs take out a screenshot of internet posts from fans. One is even from a girl 13 years younger. 

Yang Se-chan says he likes women with baby hairs. Park Na-rae shows her baby hairs. He then says she has to have long hair. I guess that disqualifies Park Na-rae.

I actually saw Yang Se-chan last week. I was at the local dollar store (Daiso) and saw a couple people with cameras walking down the stairs. Then two more people walked down commenting on the store followed by some guys with sound equipment. The scope was a little bit small, so I assumed it must be some internet broadcast, but then I noticed that one of the guys talking was Yang Se-chan. He looks normal on TV, but in real life, it looked like he was wearing half an inch of makeup.

Park Na-rae says she fell for Yang Se-chan because he helped her while she was down. 

Hwang Tae-kyung’s Fashion Sense

Hwang Tae-kyung runs an online clothing store and cafe. He’s known for looking like actor Kim Nam-gil. 

He brought presents for all the MCs, but I guess he must only sell men’s clothes because he presents are for the MC’s husbands or future boyfriends. He gives Park Jin-hee some dandy clothes for her husband. Kim Sook gets indie pink color clothes. Hyo-seong gets some young looking clothes. It’s a jean jacket. He gives Park Na-rae a leather jacket and purple Calvin Klein underwear. Yang Se-chan tries them on.

Kim Hyung-kyu’s Ballet

Kim Hyung-kyu dated his wife for four years and has been married for 12 years. He says he could die for his wife. In the past, he thought he was so important, that he would never have wanted to die alone, but now if some God came up to him and asked, he would die for his wife and son.

He also started learning ballet because of his wife. Of course, it’s just a hobby, so he’s not great, but he’s better than I thought he’d be. 

Yang Se-chan’s Kissing Skills

After kissing his girlfriend, she said his tongue was like soccer player Messi. 

Park Na-rae mentions that she’s kissed Yang Se-chan three times. 

One time was at Park Na-rae’s birthday. Yang Se-chan hadn’t brought anything, so Kim Joon-ho suggested he give her a kiss. 

More Hwang Tae-kyung Odds & Ends

Hwang Tae-kyung says a man must not let his wife starve, and do well at night. He says his wife is girly and shy, so if he doesn’t “try” his best . . . the MCs cut him off this is getting too R-rated. He says he wants to be 1st place in whatever he does, and works hard at everything he does. The other guests look down, not knowing how to react. 

Kim Jae-woo doesn’t want to comment.

Hwang Tae-kyung adds that he’s never seen Narsha fart or go to the bathroom. She told him celebrities don’t poop. 

Kim Hyung-kyu says he’s never farted in front of his wife either. 

Narsha says when she’s feeling down, her husband dances for her. Of course the MCs have him dance. He does some silly club dance where he pretends his hand is a duck? Not sure what that is. Maybe that’s a trendy dance these days. I wouldn’t know.

Kim Jae-woo’s Curry Love

Before they got married, Kim Jae-woo once told his wife he liked curry, so after they got married she made it every day for a year. Hwang Tae-kyung complains his wife makes it for him all the time too, even though he’s never said he liked it. 

Kim Jae-woo says he got a lot of food CF offers because of all the curry photos he posted on SNS. 

Hwang Tae-kyung says he told his wife they should eat out more. He then backtracks and says Narsha cooks well, but it’s just that he doesn’t like shopping because there’s too much to buy and it takes so long to cook.

Hwang Tae-kyung Honeymoon

The two of them eloped, and during their honeymoon, they went to a deserted island and went tanning. There was no one there, so they took off their clothes to not get tan lines. They had fun, but when they went back to their hotel, he realized he was burnt and his skin peeled off over the next two days. 

Park Na-rae Played Cupid for Kim Jae-woo and his Wife

Kim Jae-woo went to South Africa for the 2010 World Cup with Park Na-rae, Kim Ki-wook, and Kim Go-eun. They had brought warm weather clothes because it was summer in Korea, but the seasons are opposite in South Africa, so they didn’t have proper clothes. 

There, Kim Jae-woo saw his future wife with a younger guy. I guess it must have been love at first sight, but first Kim Jae-woo needed a plan to get rid of that guy. The younger guy put his arms on Park Na-rae’s shoulders. Kim Jae-woo then lied and told the younger guy that in Korea, if you touch a woman like that, you need to marry her, so Park Na-rae “bit the bullet” and helped steal that younger guy away from the future wife. 

Closing Thoughts

The MCs ask the guest to send video letter to wives.

Kim Hyung-kyu says, “You are the best woman in the universe and if I were born again, I’d want to marry you. I love you honey.”

Kim Jae-woo says, “I’ve never thought of myself as a good man, but with such a good woman like you, I might one day be able to become a good man. I love you.”

Hwang Jae-sung says, “My loving wife, Park Cho-eun. Thank you for marrying me. I want to go home quickly to hug and hold you.”

Hwang Tae-kyung says, “Thank you for being my friend and let’s live happily with no worries. I honestly love you.”

Yang Se-chan says to his future wife, “Let’s live happily, healthily for a long time. I love you.”

Park Na-rae replies, “Me too.”


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