Video Star Recap: Episode 41

Episode 41: Same Name Special: April 18, 2017

MC Park So-hyun is finally back after taking time off to heal from her broken hip! She may have been back for awhile now, though. I’m not sure as I haven’t watched this show in a couple weeks. Park Na-rae warns Park So-hyun, aka MC Forgetful, to focus today because the guest are going to be a bit confusing. Today’s guests are four people with the same name, plus a guy who loves all women with “Hyun” in their name. There’s

  • Kim Hyun-jeong (Long Legs) – Debuted in the late 1990s, spin spin~ long legs~ a 20 year veteran singer
  • Kim Hyun-jeong (Space A) – Space A’s luxury vocals who’s returned after a 17 year hiatus
  • Lee Hyung-jeong – Gag Concert’s ajjuma character, her catchphrase is “because my body is weak.” She won the 2016 KBS Excellence Award after just 4 years into her debut for her impression of Korean Air’s Cho Hyun-ah.
  • Vivian (Cha Hyun-jeong) – SNSD Yuri’s little cousin, Berklee College of Music grad, and model
  • Alex – soft face and voice, the enemy of men

The Two Kim Hyun-jeong Introduction

There are two guests with the same first and last name, so the MCs refer to one as “long legs” and the other as “Space A.”

Kim Hyun-jeong (Long Legs) was recently a panel member on King of Masked Singer and was happy/grateful that Kim Hyun-jeong (Space A) sang her song, “Bruise” when she guested on the show. Long Legs gives her a hug and notes that this is her first time meeting her on a variety show. However, the MCs then tease her saying Kim Hyun-jeong (Space A) was worried that if she did a Kim Hyun-jeong (Long Legs) song, she would seem old. Kim Hyun-jeong (Long Legs) turns red and tries to blink away the shock. She then holds Space A’s hands . . . very tightly . . . too tightly.

Also, when Kim Hyun-jeong (Space A) first heard the guest list for today’s show, she asked the writers if Alex was as considerate of women as per his image because she heard he was actually a bit of a player. The MCs ask Space A what she thinks of him now that she’s met him. Kim Hyun-jeong (Space A) says bluntly, “I think he’s a player. I’m convinced now.” Alex retorts, “You’ve only met me for five minutes?!?!”

Kim Hyun-jeong (Space A) says it’s because he only pulled out the chair for the young and pretty Vivian. Alex explains that he couldn’t reach any of the other chairs, but he actually could have. Flashback to before recording officially started. Alex only helped Vivian put on her name tag. Usually, on “Video Star” and “Radio Star” type shows, the guests sit in hierarchy with the most senior guests sitting from left to right. That means Alex should be sitting in the middle and Vivian on the very right, but I see that the PDs purposely but Vivian and Alex together so they could try to create some drama. tsk tsk.

Ironically, Kim Hyun-jeong (Space A) is a pastor’s wife, yet she’s not shy at all when it comes to calling Alex out.

Lee Hyun-jeong Introduction

This is comedian Lee Hyun-jeong’s first time on a variety store. She does a few impersonations for the viewers like her’ Sushiko character from “Gag Concert.”

Vivian (Cha Hyun-jeong) Introduction

This is also Vivian’s first time on a standard variety show. She even rejected an offer to appear on “Radio Star,” but agreed to come on “Video Star” because she liked this episode’s topic of “Hyun-jeong.” She liked it, so much that she agreed to appear on the show right away.

She then shows off her “heart lips” because her philtrum is a bit more curved than others. She probably just gained a thousand more male fans from the close up clips of her face just now.

She then shows off some of her high level talents like mimicking the sound of multiple baby kittens crying and someone opening a window on a cold, snowy day in Siberia.

It’s not terrible, but at least she gets bonus points for coming up with unique impersonations to do.

Alex Introduction

Alex talks about the time he saw MC Park So-hyun forget Wheesung’s face. Wheesung once went with his manager to say hello to Park So-hyun during her radio show. Park So-hyun was like, “Oh my, Wheesung it’s been such a long time since I’ve seen you~” and then went to hug his manager. It’s even more shocking because Wheesung was even once a fixed guest on her radio show . . . yet she doesn’t remember what he looks like.

The MCs then note that he said in his pre-interview with the writers that he’s wanted to have a cup of coffee with one of the Hyun-jungs for a long time.

The MCs ask the Hyun-jeongs to raise their hand if they think it’s them. No one raises her hand. It’s too random for anyone them to guess.

It turns out that it’s actually Kim Hyun-jeong (Long Legs). Alex guested on a radio show with her once and was shocked at how feminine she was. Kim Hyun-jeong (Long Legs) blushes. Alex calmly explains he just wanted to have a cup of tea and talk because she seems like a nice person, but Kim Hyun-jeong (Long Legs) gets giddy like a schoolgirl.

He also told writers he wouldn’t literally be able to have a cup of coffee with Jun Hyo-seong because he would be too busy staring at her face to drink it. The women in the room scream at his greasiness.

Alex then explains it was the writers who made him respond to the question of which MC he’d like to have a cup of coffee with. He says he’s already had tea with Kim So-hyun and alcohol with Park Na-rae . . .  so that leaves Jun Hyo-sung? Um . . . what about Kim Sook? . . . Alex is terrible at coming up with excuses.

The MCs then ask him to choose one between Kim Hyun-jeong (Long Legs) and Jun Hyo-jung for who’d he’d want to have some coffee with more. He picks Kim Hyun-jeong (Long Legs). What about a the one he’d want to be on a deserted island with? He of course picks Jun Hyo-sung.

Coffee Time

The MCs then call out a world champion barista to serve them some coffee. It’s Charles Babinski, who’s been on the show a few times now.

Alex has to translate to him what’s going and who today’s guests are. Charles Babinski knows of Kim Hyun-jeong (Long Legs)’s song “Bruise” and even sings a bit of it. Long Legs is really touched that he know it.

Park Na-rae asks in her poor English, “You single?” Charles replies, “No, I’m married.” Park Na-rae, “Just business then. You make coffee.”

Charles Babinski takes everyone’s order.

Park So-hyun wants something that helps with her memory.

Long Legs wants whatever his specialty is.

Vivian wants some hand drip coffee. I’m a bit surprised that her English isn’t as good as I’d expect from someone with an English name.

Park Na-rae wants to be fed directly.

Charles Babinski makes some coffee for everyone on the set and brings it out on a remote controlled toy truck. It’s cute. Park Na-rae then asks him in English, “You best like people first.” Translation: Give the first cup to the person you like most. He serves Alex first because he heard he just broke up with his girlfriend and wants to comfort him.

Alex is like, “Aw, Come on.”

The MCs then try to seduce him into serving him. Jun Hyo-sung sits up on the table and applies some lipgloss. Park So-hyun is like, I’m not going to lower myself to their level, but then proceeds to do some Bollywood style dance. Charles Babinski picks So-hyun and gives her a drink with macademia nuts for her memory.

He then feeds Park Na-rae directly, pouring from a barista thing. His hand is super steady. Park Na-raw tells Jun Hyo-sung to try, and Alex yells, “Don’t make our Hyo-sung do such a thing.”

Jun Hyo-sung gets down and gives it a try, exclaiming very good after taking a drinks from the spout. I’m impressed by her willing to do slapstick humor.

Music Time

Kim Hyun-jeong (Long Legs) and Kim Hyun-jeong (Space A) sing a couple of their songs.

Ajjuma Acting

Comedian Lee Hyun-jeong talks about the difference between normal moms and TV drama moms. Most normal moms just nag when their sons come home late after drinking. Vivian jokes, “Sounds just like my mom.” Meanwhile, TV moms scarily/quietly tell their songs to go upstairs.

Also, normal moms and TV drama moms treat their daughters in law differently. Normal moms just give them some spending money. TV moms look down on them for not being part of the family yet.

Vivian the Model

Vivian has gotten fame for being SNSD Yuri’s cousin and they’ve done a lot of magazine shoots together. Vivian does a few model poses. She shows off how to make her legs look thin, although hers look way too thin already.

She crosses her legs and says when sitting down, you need to lift up your legs slightly and and stick your legs next to each other. Park Na-rae tries her hand, of course it doesn’t work for her though.

Vivian also talks about criticism she’s gotten for allegedly using SNSD Yuri for fame. She says it’s unfair because she’s been working hard too.

The MCs also address criticism that she’s gotten a ton of plastic surgery and completely redid her face. “Plastic surgery expert” Park Na-rae checks her face to see what she’s fixed.

Vivian however, denies getting work done on her jawline, nose, and forehead. Park Na-rae says she hasn’t gotten her jaw shaved because even though it’s thin, the the square pieces of her jaw are still there at the top of her jawline. He nose is natural too even though Vivian says she wanted to get hers done. Park Na-rae concludes her evaluations saying she just got double eyelid surgery on one side. Vivian says she’s correct.

Alex’s Dating Scandal

The MCs then move on to talk about Alex’s dating life. Alex spills his coffee when he hears it’s his turn to talk. He says they’ve been living busily after breaking up. It was a cool, clean separation, and they’re both cheering each other own in their own lives.

Kim Hyun-jeong (Long Legs)

The MCs keep calling Kim Hyun-jeong “Long Legs” because hers are 114 cm long legs.

We then see some photos from when she was 48 kg. Which is dangerously skinny given how tall she is.

Speaking of dangerous, she says she tried to maintain 53 kg for ten years by doing the cola diet where she just ate cola and chocolate instead of real food. She suffered from nutrition deficiency and was hospitalized. She’s gained 10 kg after stopping that.

The MCs compare her with Park Na-rae’s short legs. Park Na-rae tries on one of her actual pants.

Park Na-rae’s legs are 93 cm which is surprisingly long given she’s only 149 cm tall in total.

Vivian’s Secret to a Glamorous Body

Vivian mentions that she got her period late. Alex blocks his ears like a little kid, “nyah nyah nyah I can’t hear you.”

Vivian says she had a busty body for someone so skinny, so when her friends asked her for her secret, she said it was because she drank soymilk everyday. The next day, all her friends had soymilk on their desks.

Jun Hyo-sung says she had a lot of soymilk and soybeans too.

More about Alex’s Personal Life

Alex makes some dad jokes.

He actually once even dated a woman named Hyun-jeong, and all his girlfriends had blood type B.

Alex says most women like men who stay quiet and open their wallet often. He says men often say the wrong things when first dating and they should express their consideration more through gifts.

Vivian’s Personal Life

Vivian got calls from entertainment agencies since she was a student. She’s gotten offers from JYP and SM, but at the time she majored in classical flute, so she didn’t want to be an idol.

The MCs then discuss her prestigious background. He father andand older brother are both doctors.

She herself went to Berklee College of Music. She’s written about 40 songs, and her dream is to be able to give one to Zion T. I’m shocked the MCs don’t use this opportunity to press her about her boyfriend Kush, since he’s good friends with Zion T. They’re usually pretty aggressive about dating topics, but I guess not talking about her boyfriend was a condition of Vivian’s appearance on the show.

The MCs play one of her songs which is surprisingly a club song. She and Park Na-rae do a dance battle, but we don’t really get to see Vivian’s dance moves other than her spinning a hat for two seconds. I’m not sure why that got edited out.

Alex’s Friend Rain

Alex is best friends with Rain and jokes about his childish catchphrase, “No, I wasn’t.” The two will be having a normal conversation, and then suddenly Rain enjoys yelling out, “No, I wasn’t. No, I wasn’t talking to you.” Why does he say that? I have no idea. I guess he thinks it’s funny to say.

Alex also talks about how Kim Tae-hee seems luxurious on TV, but in real life likes to cook stews at home. He has never met her though. He didn’t even go to Rain and Kim Tae-hee’s wedding because it was small and private. Rain instead sent out apology letters for not inviting guests instead of wedding invitations.

Kim Hyun-jeong (Long Legs) says she saw Rain at the gym the day before his wedding, and was impressed by his gym workout ethics.

Kim Hyun-jeong (Long Legs) Dating Life

Kim Hyun-jeong talks about a one who got away. She was dating a guy who was perfect in every way except for his height. Her manager introduced him saying he was a huge fan of her. He was the head of a major gaming company and even attended Harvard.

They met at a coffee shop and got along well, but then he stood up, and was Park Na-rae’s height. He was actually more shocked atheir height difference than she was, and he never called her back.

She sends a video letter to him saying, “I wasn’t making fun of your height, just telling a story. Maybe one day we can get a drink, I hear you’re doing well these day, and I’m cheering you on.”

Aw. Poor Hyung-jeong. It’s tough being a tall woman.

Comedian Lee Hyun-jeong’s Outlook on Men

The MCs call Lee Hyun-jeong the second Kim Sook because she doesn’t like rich men. She thinks rich men will just cheat. She says men only need to be good at two things, housework and making children.

More of Alex’s Dating Life

Alex told the writers in his pre-filming interview that he still thinks about his most memorable kiss. He feels like butterflies are flying around his head when he thinks of it. He also said that the worst type of skinship is no skinship. (Skinship is Konglish for physical contact.)

He then does a skit with Kim Sook to show his skinship skills. They pretend to be in a car. Alex puts on Kim Sook’s seat belt for her and tells her she smells nice, like cigarettes. LOL. He then holds her hand and puts it on the wheel as he drives.

They also do a skit of the two walking through a park. Alex naturally puts his hand around her shoulders. Kim Sook rates his skill “advanced” because of how natural he was.

Vivian’s Friend Lee Min-jung

Vivian mentions she often has wine with actress Lee Min-jung. Vivian says Lee Min-jung is like an angel and they have similar personalities. Both are tomboyish.

Alex and Washing Women’s Feet

Because of his stint on “We Got Married’ Alex says a lot of women ask him to wash their feet. A drunk woman even once put her feet on the table and asked him to wash them then and there.


The four Hyun-jeongs say they had fun and would like to be on more variety shows.

Alex is like, “Why did I even come on this show?” He says he knew that the MCs were going to ask about his dating life, but the MCs were more vicious like than he expected. The MCs ask, “Will you come on the show again?” Alex responds, “No!”


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