Weekly Guest List: Monday April 24th – Sunday April 30th

*Note: Since some shows have not yet released previews for the upcoming episode, I’ll continue to update this post throughout the week. 

Monday – April 24

Abnormal Summit

Summit Topic: Parental social welfare programs

Guest: Director at Google Asia Pacific, Mickey Kim

“Is it abnormal that I think men should get parternity leave?”

Hello Counselor

Guests: Yook Joong-wan & Kang Jun-woo (Rose Motel) and Actress Park Min-ji

1. A working mom in her 30s is stressed out by her husband who spends tens of millions of won on upgrading his fitness center.

2. A housewife in her 40s gets a headache because of her alcoholic husband who makes and drinks soju and makgeolli at home.

3. A 187cm tall man in his 20s went on 130 blind dates over the past year but was rejected every time.

Please Take Care of My refrigerator

Part Two

Actor Lee Deok-hwa

Actor Park Sang-myun*

Raid the Convenience Store

Actor Choi Min-yong

Hani (EXID)

Benji (B.I.G)


Tuesday – APril 25

Burning Youth

Guesthouse Daughters

@ Yonsei University

Guests: Zhang Yuan, Sam Okyere, Kim Il-joong

with Foreign exchange students Natasha & Anna (Russia), Annie (Armenia), David (Cameroon)

Video Star

Oh Na-mi, Kim Young-hee, Hong Hyeon-hee, Lee Eun-hyung, and Maeng Seung-ji

Wednesday – April 26

Let’s Eat Dinner Together

Location: Hyehwa District, Seoul

Guests: Actors Lee Sun-kyung and Kim Hee-won

Men Who Do Housework

Radio Star

Topic: The Crazy People of Chungmuro (aka Korea’s Film Mecca)

Kim Hye-eun, Kim Sung-kyun , Jo Woo-jin, and Bae Jeong-nam



Husband and wife announcers who’ve been married for seven years, Lee Ji-ae & Kim Jeong-geun


Weekly Idol

300th episode special

Kim Heechul, Hani (EXID), Ilhoon (BtoB), SinB (Girlfriend)

Thursday – April 27

Happy Together

Theme: Scene Stealers

Kim Byung-ok, Jang Young-nam, Lee Shi-eon,

Jeon Hye-bin, Tae In-ho, and Jeong Seok-ho



Life Bar

on hiatus until May 11th

Friday – APril 28

Baek Jong-won’s Top 3 Chef Kings

Gangwon Province Special

Guests: No Sa-yeon,

I Live Alone

Lee Joon-ho (2PM)

Insolent Housemates, Rooms Available

will not air during original time slot due to the Presidential Debate

will instead air a special episode a day early on Thursday Aril 27th @ 11:10 PM


Law of the Jungle


Kim Byung-man, Ji Sang-ryul, Kangnam, Choi Jong-hoon (FT Island), Shin won-ho (Cross Gene), Jo Bo-ah, Kwak Si-yang

Sister’s Slam Dunk 2

Saturday – April 29

Battle Trip


MC Special



Boat Horn Clenched Fists

The cast continues to catch crabs and look for pollack.

Guest appearance by rapper Sleepy

Immortal Songs

Lee Hyun & Lee Soo-mi

Park Hye-kyung, Park Jae-jung and JeA (BEG), Im Jung-hee, Son Joon-ho, Min Woo-hyuk, Boohwal, Vromance

Infinite Challenge

Chase Special – no guests

Knowing Brothers

Ok Ju-hyun

Yoon Jong-shin

My Little Television

Kim Gura – True Law Story – Must know principles for daily life with lawyer Park Ji-hoon.

Park Joon-hyung – Bam Bam Fitness – Fitness tips with father to be Park Joon-hyung.

Kim Ki-soo – Drip Beauty

Hyeri & Yura (Girl’s Day) – Show Escape Core – Escape Room attempt from a large set piece.

Yoo Hee-yeol’s Sketchbook

Choi Baek-ho, IU, Hyukoh

Sunday – April 30

1 Night 2 Days

Fantastic Duo 2

In Soon-yi


My Ugly Duckling

Special Guest MC: Yoo Hee-yeol

Yoo Hee-yeol judges Kim Gun-mo’s mother’s singing skills.

Kim Gun-mo goes on a trip with Kim Jong-min

Problematic Men

Running Man

The Global Race continues . . .

Part 1: Jang Do-yeon

Part 2: Hyolyn (Sistar)

Secretly Greatly

Kim Jae-won pranks Lee Soo-kyung

Kim Do-kyun pranks Kim Soo-yong