Weekly Guest List: Monday May 1st – Sunday May 7th

*Note: Since some shows have not yet released previews for the upcoming episode, I’ll continue to update this post throughout the week. 

Monday – MAy 1

Abnormal Summit @ 10:50 PM

Summit Topic: Airports/Airlines

Guest: Sejeong and Nayoung (Gugudan)

“Is it abnormal that I prefer sleeping over eating?”

Hello Counselor @ 11:10 PM

Guests: Kim Seung-hyun, Lee Chun-soo, Heehyun & Chaeyeon (DIA)

1. A wife and mother in her 30s is afraid of her short tempered husband who blames her for everything.

2. A woman in her 30s is worried for her 82 year old grandmother who lives alone in Busan and is obsessed with baseball who starves herself when her favorite team loses.

3. A woman in her 40s want to pursue her dream of becoming an actor but can’t because of her two daughers’ nagging.

Please Take Care of My refrigerator @ 9:30 PM

Part One

Bada & Solbi

This week. Bada: The fridge of a newlywed with a husband nine years her junior.

Raid the Convenience Store @ 12:20 AM

Park Narae’s mother & DinDin’s mother



Tuesday – MAy 2

Burning Youth @ 11:10 PM


Guesthouse Daughters

 @ Korea National Sport University

Video Star @ 8:30 PM

Flower Boys Special

Kim Heung-gook, Lee Bong-won, Yoon Young-joon, Kim In-gyu, and Oh Seung-hwan

Wednesday – May 3

Let’s Eat Dinner Together @ 10:50 PM

Location: Sejong City

Guests: Yook Sung-jae (BtoB) and actress Lee Soo-kyung

Men Who Do Housework @ 8:55 PM

Baek Il-seob: Visits his hometown of Yeosu and meets up with an friend who also “graduated” from his marriage.

Jung won-kwan: Tries his hand at child rearing while his wife is taking classes at grad school. Makes a lunch for her and visits her school where there are lot of young men.

Eli: Wife Ji Yeon-soo gets in a fight with her mother-in-law while shopping.

Radio Star

Oh! Talented People Special

Actor Lee Tae-gon, Soyou (Sistar), Composer Rado (Black Eyed Pilseung), Comedian Park Sung-kwang



Actress Ham So-won


Weekly Idol @ 6 PM


Thursday – May 4

Happy Together

 Immortal HappyPop Star Special with Antenna Music

Yoo Hee-yeol, Jung Jae-hyung, Lee Jang-won, SHin Jae-pyung, Jung Seung-hwan, Sam Kim, Kwon Jina, and Lee Jina

Jobs @ 9:30 PM

Topic: Lawyers

Lawyers Park Joo-min and Yang Ji-yeol

Life Bar

on hiatus until May 11th

Friday – May 5

Baek Jong-won’s Top 3 Chef Kings


I Live Alone @ 11:10 PM

Lee Shi-eon goes to Japan

Gian84 paints his car

Henry goes to Jeju Island

Insolent Housemates, Rooms Available @ 9:30 PM



Law of the Jungle


Kim Byung-man, Ji Sang-ryul, Kangnam, Choi Jong-hoon (FT Island), Shin Won-ho (Cross Gene), Jo Bo-ah, Kwak Si-yang

Sister’s Slam Dunk 2

Saturday – MAY 6

Battle Trip @ 10:40 PM


Han Chae-ah & Ha Jae-sook’s “Natural Person Tour” in Langkawi

Eddy Kim & Roy Kim & Park Jae-jung’s “Aerobac Tour”



Boat Horn Clenched Fists


Immortal Songs


Infinite Challenge

Seo Hyun-jin

Knowing Brothers @ 8:50 PM


My Little Television


Yoo Hee-yeol’s Sketchbook

Sunday – May 7

1 Night 2 Days

Fantastic Duo 2


My Ugly Duckling @ 9:15 PM

Special Guest MC: Yoo Hee-yeol

Lee Sang-min recounts his difficult times

Problematic Men

Running Man

The Global Race continues . . .

Hyolyn (Sistar)

Secretly Greatly