Weekly Guest List: Monday May 29th – Sunday June 4th

*Note: Since some shows have not yet released previews for the upcoming episode, I’ll continue to update this post throughout the week. 

Monday – MAy 29

Abnormal Summit @ 10:50 PM

Summit Topic: Insurance, is it necessary?

Guest: Volleyball player Kim Yeon-kyung

“Is it abnormal that I can’t stand how unpopular sports are looked down on?”

Hello Counselor @ 11:10 PM

Guests: Mamamoo’s Solar, Moonbyul, Hawaiian, and Hwasa

1. A nine-year housewife complains about her husband who’s constantly smoking inside their home regardless of the fact that it’s bad for their young son and daughter. 

2. A grandpa who’s almost 70 is sick of having to raise his grandson because of his irresponsible daugher. 

3. A man in his 30s is worried about his wife who’s obsessed with working out to the point that she ignores their son. 

Please Take Care of My refrigerator @ 9:30 PM

Part One

Actors Oh Hyun-kyung and Lee Moon-shik

Tuesday – MAy 30

Burning Youth @ 11:10 PM

Fun in the mountains and a trip to Dokdo Island?


Video Star @ 8:30 PM

Singles Special

Guests: Actress Lee Jae-eun, Jang Dong-min, Hpng Jin-ho, Kwak Hyun-hwa, and Shin Bora

Wednesday – May 31

Let’s Eat Dinner Together @ 10:50 PM

Location: Ilwondong, Seoul

Guests: Actors Yeon Jung-hoon and Park Hae-jin

Men Who Do Housework @ 8:55 PM

Baek Il-seob: Goes on a package tour to Taiwan with his married friends.

Jung won-kwan: Cleans up his daughter’s room.

Eli: Goes on a trip to Jeju with the in-laws.

Radio Star @ 11:10 PM



Taxi @ 12:20 AM

Kwon-yool and Jo Dal-hwan


Weekly Idol @ 6 PM

Triple H

Thursday – June 1

Happy Together @ 11:10 PM


Jobs @ 9:30 PM

Topic: Webtoon writers

Guests: Kim Poong, Gian 84, Joo Ho-min, Jeon Sung-wook

Life Bar @ 10:50 PM

Guests: Sechs Kies


Guests: Ok Taecyeon

Friday – JUNE 2

Baek Jong-won’s Top 3 Chef Kings @ 11:20 PM

International foods

Guests: Kim Tae-woo

I Live Alone @ 11:10 PM

Park Na-rae meets with some commedian juniors

Hyun-min gets a haircut like Big Bang’s TOP

Gian 84, Henry, and Lee Si-eon have some BBQ

Insolent Housemates, Rooms Available @ 9:30 PM

Jo Se-ho, PO, Yoni P, and Steve J

Yura and Kim Min-jong

Han Eun-jung and K.Will


Law of the Jungle @ 10:00 PM

Wild New Zealand

Kim Byung-man, Kangnam, UEE, Park Chul-min, Sung Hoon, Shindong, Mark, Jung Eunji, Lee Jae-yoon, Microdot, Lee Kyung-kyu, Soyu, Kim Hwan

Saturday – JUNE 3

Battle Trip @ 10:40 PM




Boat Horn Clenched Fists @ 6:10 PM

Guest: Niel

Immortal Songs @ 6:05 PM


Infinite Challenge @ 6:25 PM

Hongdae Open Studio

Haha the Mapo Sheriff

Knowing Brothers @ 8:50 PM

Guests: Lee Soo-kyung and Lee Hong-ki

My Little Television

100th episode special

Yoo Hee-yeol’s Sketchbook

Sunday – JUNE 4

1 Night 2 Days

Fantastic Duo 2 @ 6:25 PM

Psy and IU


My Ugly Duckling @ 9:15 PM

Special Guest MC: Joo Sang-wook

Lee Sang-min’s jam packed 21 hour work schedule

Problematic Men

Running Man

The Global Race continues . . .

Mongolia & Russia

Haunted house in Japan